REVIEW: Dracula (1931 Spanish Version)

Dracula 1931 Spanish version

TITLE: Dracula
DIRECTOR: Georeg Melford
CAST: Carlos Villarías, Lupita Tovar, Barry Norton, Pablo Álvarez Rubio and Eduardo Arozamena


Dracula 1931 Spanish PosterIf you didn’t know there was a Spanish version of Dracula from 1931 don’t be too hard on yourself. I didn’t know about it either until I bought the DVD and it was included as a special feature. I, up to that point, thought I knew just about all there was to know about “Dracula”.

Apparently, it was a standard practice back in the early days of “talkie” cinema to utilize the script and sets for two separate casts and crews. So when it came to filming the 1931 Dracula, Universal Pictures did just that. The cast and crew we are all familiar with lead by director Tod Browning would use the studio during the day and at night a completely new group would come in and do it all over again. This unique approach to movie making actually gives us, and please don’t curse me for saying this, a BETTER version of the film! Let me continue and I’ll explain later.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. Have the film, saw it, and agree with you 100%!

  2. Agree with much of what you say. But one major thing I couldn't get passed – Villarias looks so much like Carl Reiner during Sid Caesar days! Lugosi is my Dracula too, for him alone I prefer the English version. But all you note is true.

  3. Hey thanks guys! Just realized this got posted. Glad you liked.

  4. I agree in the main. Bela Lugosi is the better Dracula. However, Villairias’ delivery of certain lines is more snide- which I think works well.

  5. FYI – your video link is down (& looks like permanently) very sad as I was hoping for a peek! ;-( I will definitely look for a DVD. Thanks!

  6. I have to agree this is a much better film than Browning’s. The action is less stilted and the ladies are far more sensual

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