Forest’s Graveyard, Bodies & Twisted Faces


DOM COOPER tells us about a Forest song about a visit to a graveyard

Spooky Sounds

A circular guitar motif gives way to stabbing chords and short rhythmic flute notes. A forlorn voice then sings, ‘In a graveyard I have been, a body I have seen, from the shock though I had dreamed, that body was me’.

The song is called simply ‘Graveyard’ and the band are Forest.

Forest were a mid sixties psych-folk act from Grimsby. Comprised of Derek Allenby, Hadrian Welham and Martin Welham.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. Hello David,

    I was wondering if you or anyone has the lyrics to this song so I can cover it.

    Alex Davies.

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