BECKY KEANE tells us how a poltergeist terrorised a family in Bolton during the 1990s
Confirmed poltergeist activity is uncommon and rare, but over the years several cases like the Enfield Poltergeist had even the most professional of people dumbfounded. During the 1990s in my hometown Bolton, a family living in Westhoughton reported such activity was terrorizing them.
The family experienced such a horrifying time that council bosses were summoned to their family home. They witnessed an ornament hurling through the air and other activity. So baffled by what they had seen they offered to re home the family. Once the family had moved a few doors away from their old house activity began again.
Pools of water and an oil type liquid running down the walls was seen and reported. The ceiling became wet, fearing a leak repair men arrived to find no reason for the problem. objects disappeared of the their own accord and the toddler would talk of a little man, who would sit on his bed in the night and stand in the corner of his room. The spirit would communicate stories to him, or want to play. The toddler was never upset or disturbed by these late night visits. The other children were deeply terrified to even venture upstairs. The father reported seeing a dark figure often standing at the bottom of the stairs.
Samples of wet wallpaper and the liquid were sent off for analysis but unfortunately the tests couldn’t be carried out as there wasn’t enough of the sample.
The central heating had a life of its own and would regularly break down and switch itself on and off. Workmen who arrived to fix the family’s problem, would find no physical causes wrong. Other workmen simply refused to go to the house given its reputation.
The mother contacted the medium who had carried out an exorcism on the family’s original house. The medium told her that the poltergeist may have lay dormant and re-attached itself.
The family subsequently moved house after the breakdown of marriage, which is said happened a lot regarding other families on the street. Residents reported an eerie feeling atmosphere outside.
Its said that the activity was caused after someone performed a Ouija board sitting. The new tenant who resided at the house after the family moved out reported all was quiet, apart from a window mysteriously opening on it’s own. Other activity in street has been reported from beds shaking and spooky voices in the dead of night.
In recent years it’s been reported that all activity has ceased and is now quiet.


Becky Keane
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  1. Aidy 24 November 2015 at 7:29 pm

    I went to school with the boy who used the ouija board. I knew him well and there was something….going on.

  2. Vicky 15 April 2018 at 8:22 pm

    Where on Westhoughton was this?

  3. BB 14 July 2018 at 10:58 pm

    I was working for Bolton Council during the time this happened. The Housing department would shut down all internal questions about this case. In some dark storeroom, in a paper file somewhere in Bolton Town Hall there are inspectors notes relating to this event.


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