Recently, Spooky Isles ran an article on some of the various locations said to be haunted by Mary, Queen of Scots. Early in January 2016, PETER MURPHY commented on the article that he had seen Mary’s ghost only a few nights earlier at Carberry Tower, near Mussleburgh, East Lothian. Not far from the Tower, on 15 June 1567, Mary saw her final skirmish at the Battle of Carberry Hill, hours after which, she was taken prisoner and held at Lochleven Castle. Only a few weeks later, Mary was forced to abdicate the Scottish Throne and spent the majority of her remaining life a prisoner. Here, Peter recounts his experience at Carberry Tower:
I arrived at Carberry Tower on Saturday, the 2nd of January, for a weekend stay.  My partner booked ourselves in for a meal in the restaurant at around 7 pm.  Having ordered our meal I decided to pop outside for a cigarette at approximately 7:15 pm; I went into the centre court yard and stood under the heater.  When switched, on it illuminates the smoking shelter with a red glow from either end, but doesn’t really light up the court yard.  I’d say the court yard is approximately 4 meters across.  Looking down toward my cigarette as I lit up,  I was aware of a figure dressed in white opposite me moving from left to right,  about 3.5 meters away.  She was a lady in her late 20s: she had a long white lace dress and a white lace head dress – her skin was pale but skin coloured. At this point I wasn’t looking directly at her but my gaze rose over approximately a 4 second period as I looked up to see her face,  she turned her head to face me.  As our eyes met she stopped moving forward and completely disappeared as instantly as switching a light off. The ghost was solid as if a real person.
I was totally unaware of any ghost links to [Carberry] Tower and totally unaware of what Mary, Queen of Scots looked like; it wasn’t till I looked up ghost sightings online and saw a picture of Mary’s death mask,  I realised instantly that this was the face I had saw.  She didn’t speak and made no sound, in fact it was totally silent.  We were staying in the Royal Suite and that night the shutters in the bathroom, which I’d closed earlier, started banging,  I just thought it was wind and maybe a window was open I went in to find the shutters locked shut and window firmly closed.  The banging continued through the night.  Wasn’t til writing this, that I’ve thought much about it, but the next evening it was much windier yet the room was silent. My partner, Miss Sandra Gillies witnessed the banging in the room.

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  1. Stuart 20 January 2017 at 8:49 am

    Banging , in the room ? Witnessed by your partner .. Sounds normal


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