Anne Lamont, Down Paranormal, Interview

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PAUL MOYNIHAN talks to Anne Lamont, a paranormal investigator based in County Down in Northern Ireland

Anne Lamont
Anne Lamont, from Down Paranormal in Northern Ireland

What was your first Paranormal encounter? 
My first paranormal encounter was as a child and was witness to coins being thrown in my parents’ home.
Do you believe in ghosts, and if so, what is a ghost?
I do believe there is something out there that is ‘paranormal’, it’s hard to say exactly what it is as I believe there are different types of hauntings/ ghosts…
What evidence have you personally uncovered that makes you consider ghosts are real?
EVPs are to me very intriguing and I have been very fortunate to have recorded some amazingly clear evps so I would have to say they are my most convincing form of evidence.
Are you skeptical of the claims others make of their findings?
I am very sceptical of everything in the paranormal and find it an essential requirement to being a paranormal investigator… so much video evidence is doctored so it is almost impossible to take much on face value.
How do prepare for a ghost hunt?
Apart from sorting out equipment if possible I do a walk round of location to get a feel for it.
What tips would you give for someone going on a paranormal investigation for the first time?
Kit yourself out correctly for the location should it be outside or whatever. Bring a torch lol and forget everything you have seen on TV shows.
What is your favourite piece of paranormal investigation equipment?
Voice recorder.
Are you psychic? Do you consider being psychic a help or a hindrance for paranormal investigations?
No, I am not psychic and I have never had a psychic join us on an investigation. It may or may not hinder an investigation I can’t fully answer this as I have never used a psychic on investigations.
What makes a great haunted location?
Haunted locations could be anywhere. History/ tragedy etc I feel can leave their mark on a location.
If you could investigate any haunted location, where would that be?
There are so many locations I would love to do like Charleville Castle…Waverley Hills or the Stanley hotel but I am happy to investigate any location.
What scares you about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigations?
Unsecured locations…
In your opinion, what is the most haunted area in the UK or Ireland?
I think it’s impossible to know if one particular place or area is more haunted than another but I do feel Ireland has a wealth of amazing locations and reports of hauntings.
Read any good paranormal books or watched any good paranormal TV shows/movies recently? I have lots of reference books about locations and ghost stories which I read a lot, as for TV shows I haven’t watched very many paranormal shows for a long time but I do enjoy Paranormal Witness and the Ghosthunter series from the 1990’s (the UK series).
Tell us about your favourite moment from a paranormal investigation.
My most favourite and memorable moment was seeing the figure of a little girl during an investigation in Queen St Police St in Belfast…very scary lol.


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