CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunt’s Ardglass Castle episode

For the third instalment in the series, Andy, Marion and the team head to Ardglass Castle in County Down. 

Andy meets one former owner of the castle who claims that on the top floor where he had a snooker table, he would sometimes hear the clunking of the balls moving across the table when no one else was in the castle.

Moving to the oldest part of the building, the former owner says he has felt a firm hand on his shoulder but upon turning no one was there.

Staff members have reported that when she attempted to close a fire door, she suddenly felt a presence beside her, accompanied by what sounded like very loud breathing that “almost echoed through the room”. The same staff member also claims to have seen the figure of a female ghost close to this fire door. 

With Marion now having arrived in the village, she picks up on a presence of a bedraggled young boy who is lost just outside of the castle. Marion becomes visibly emotional talking about the boy, who she is determined to help.

Moving to inside the castle, Marion picks up on an energy in the same spot that Andy earlier had sensed activity. She picks up on a “tall, elegant man” wearing some sort of long cloak. He is the former owner of the castle, Marion believes. 

She and Andy next move to the snooker room, where Marion senses two little children who would have lived in the castle. 

As night falls, the rest of the team arrive at the castle and begin setting up for their investigation. Once completed, some of the team begin a vigil and ask out loud for any spirits present to come forward to communicate with them. One of the crew members feels that someone rubbed the back of his neck as he had his head bent down in the snooker room, and is visibly shaken by this.

Andy analyses his audio recording from his time earlier in the snooker room. It appears he has caught an EVP whispering, in the child’s voice, his name. He plays it back to Marion who also agrees that this is what she hears. 

The next day, Andy finds something of great interest. Where he and Marion both picked up on the presence of the tall man, a secret room was uncovered many years ago during restoration. Upon opening the room, the body of a tall man in a green cloak was uncovered. However, when the air hit the room, his boy disintegrated. Furthermore, in another part of the building during the same restorations, a small coffin containing the body of a young boy was found. 

It also turns out that cholera camp was set up just outside the castle, where Marion sensed the tragic spirit of the young, bedraggled boy and she is determined to help him over to be at peace. Asking for the boy’s family to come forward, she believes the young boy has been taken with his parents. Andy confirms with the use of his dowsing rods, that the boy is no longer present outside of the castle. 


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