Discover the old myths and tall tales handed down over the generations from our ancient lands…

Welsh Changeling

Eight Disturbing True Tales of Welsh Changelings

CLAIRE BARRAND picks out eight historical changelig cases in Wales, with shocking eyewitness accounts of Welsh changelings...

Learn the natural and supernatural powers and benefits of Garlic

Garlic is not just for vampire hunters, JAMES WILLIS discovers its natural and supernatural powers

Spiders Superstition: A shocking web of omens and beliefs

There's a web of beliefs spun surrounding spiders superstition, says RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS
Welsh Curses

5 deadly Welsh curses that could destroy your life

CLAIRE BARRAND lists five deadly curses embraced by the Welsh in times gone by.
Gurning Man Glasgow

Gurning Man of Glasgow Mystery: The truth revealed!

Discover the truth behind the Gurning Man of Glasgow, MJ STEEL COLLINS reports
black cat superstition

Black Cats and Superstition: 13 things you didn’t know about

ANN MASSEY reveals some strange and wonderful superstitions surrounding black cats through the centuries...
Friday the 13th

13 Creepy Welsh Superstitions for Friday the 13th

CLAIRE BARRAND tells us about Friday the 13th superstitions from Wales...
Bean Nighe

Who is Bean Nighe, the Celtic Washerwoman, Prophetess of Doom?

Bean Nighe, the Washerwoman at the Ford, is Scotland's harbinger of death, says AMY VAN DE CASTEELE
irish superstitions

13 Irish superstitions you need to know!

ANN MASSEY tells us of 13 Irish superstitions we should be aware of - just in case!

Cornish Owlman: Everything you need to know

The strange Cornish Owlman was first seen in Mawnan Smith in the 1970s. NIA JONES reveals its strange legend.

10 Scariest Banshee Hauntings in Ireland

ANN MASSEY gives us her top 10 terrifying Banshee appearances from history in Ireland…

Secret Devil’s Standing Stones in Marston Moretaine

MELISSA ELBORN follows in the Devil’s footsteps in Bedfordshire village, Marston Moretaine.

Púca, Ireland’s Fearsome Shapeshifter that chills the blood!

The Puca is a fearsome Irish shapeshifter that goes by many other names across the world, says ANN MASSEY
Scottish Highland Folklore

6 Strangest Beings from Scottish Highland Folklore

MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals strange creatures encountered in Scottish Highland Folklore

Ireland’s 7 Darkest Goddesses who inspire revenge and death

Irish Goddesses are the perfect woman’s guide to revenge, infidelity, intoxication and death, says ANN MASSEY
Irish Funeral

5 Irish Funeral Traditions you’re dying to know

The Irish have some long-held beliefs and practices when it comes to honouring their dead. ANN MASSEY checks out these Irish Funeral traditions
Barn Owl, Owl Folklore

The Corpse Bird: A Guide to Welsh Owl Folklore

Owls feature prominently in Welsh and wider Celtic folklore, says CLAIRE BARRAND
Tylwyth Teg

Y Tylwyth Teg: Do You Believe in Welsh Faeries?

Tylwyth Teg are Welsh fairies. NIA JONES takes a look at the compelling folklore surrounding the fair folk
The Wrekin Giant

The Wrekin Giant, the monster who hated the people of Shrewsbury

The Wrekin Giant's grudge lead to him to create hills in Shropshire, says PHILIP DAVIES
Black Dog

Black dogs and other terrifying warnings of death

Guest writer K.B. GODDARD ponders the legends of portents of death around the Spooky Isles
caulbearer special powers

6 Famous Caulbearers with Extraordinary Talents

POLLYANNA JONES take a look at some famous caulbearers from history who may have had special powers

The Legend of Cantre’r Gwaelod – the Welsh Atlantis

NIA JONES reveals the secrets of Cantre’r Gwaelod - the Welsh Atlantis.
The Christmas ‘Were-Wolf’

Werewolves of Wales: Everything you need to know

RHEA SEREN PHILLIPS shines a light on the Werewolves of Wales!

The Undead Revenants of Britain and Romania

JON KANEKO-JAMES returns from the land of Dracula to tell you about Romania's undead, Revenants!

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