Discover the old myths and tall tales handed down over the generations from our ancient lands…

The Ying and Yang of Scottish Fairy Queens

AMY VAN DE CASTEELE reveals how stories of fairies differ greatly in different parts of Scotland

What is a Cockatrice? Deadly Chicken Lizard of Hampshire

JON KANEKO-JAMES tells us the Cockatrice was a monstrous beast far more dangerous than religious zealots in 1533

Britain’s weirdest May Day rituals

May Day Rituals
It's May Day so POLLYANNA JONES is going to tell us about some of the UK's more bizarre rites of spring

10 werewolf titbits to make you howl!

KAJA FRANCK presents some quick werewolf morsels for you to snack on ...

Night At The Leprechaun Museum, Dublin

Leprechaun Museums Darkland
CHRIS RUSH tells us about his night spent surrounded by dark Irish folklore at Dublin's Leprechaun Museum

Halloween monsters crawl out from real Irish folklore

ANN MASSEY O’REGAN gets us ready for Halloween with these real life monsters from Ireland's folklore

The Deadly Lure of the Irish Femme Fatale

Irish Vampire Dearg Due
ANN MASSEY O'REGAN takes a look at the supernatural Irish Femme Fatale.

Leprechauns: Everything you need to know

ANN MASSEY tells us about Ireland’s most recognisable and smallest inhabitant

Who is the Bogeyman and where did he come from?

Fungus the Bogeyman
The Bogeyman: CLAIRE BARRAND reveals the British origins of the monster we all know

17 Things you didn’t know about Saint Patrick 

Celebrate St Patrick's Day with this list of things ANN O'REGAN thought you should know about Ireland's patron saint

What is the London Stone?

JON KANEKO-JAMES tells us why The London Stone is so crucial to our nation's health and prosperty!

Poppet Magic, a magical guide

KATIE DOHERTY looks at poppets - the magical practice of using dolls to inflict pain on one's enemies ...

Lancashire Day, a time to celebrate wonderful monsters, witches and strange...

A close up of the plaque on the Witches Grave in Woodplumpton, Lancashire
Guest writer CHRIS NEWTON marks Lancashire Day by revealing the county's strangest folktales and mythic legends

Huw Llwyd of Cynfal Fawr, The Mercenary and Sorcerer of North...

NIA JONES recounts the magnificence of Welsh legend Huw Llwyd of Cynfal Fawrw Llwyd of Cynfal Fawr, The Mercenary and Sorcerer of North Wales

Banshees and other Omens of Death

Banshee death omen
The Banshee is just one of the many terrifying superstitions surrounding death and dyring in the UK and Ireland, says guest writer MATTI BEAL

Pearlin' Jean: A Ghost Story Of Umpteen Variations

Pearlin Jean, Pearlin' Jean
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at Pearlin' Jean, Scottish ghost legend, which has many versions, each as scary as the other!

The art of co-operating with fairies

AMY VAN CASTEELE says fairies can be helpful or problematic depending on how you deal with them...

The Legend of Gelert, the Faithful Hound

NIA JONES tells us about the sad story of Gelert, the faithful hound who died saving a baby

My Fairy Pilgrimage

When I was a little girl I believed in fairies, says AMY VAN DE CASTEEL

Arthur Conan Doyle and the Cottingley Fairies

The Cottingley Fairies is a fascinating case, says NIA JONES

4 Halloween traditions we all love and the creepy reasons behind...

Mirrors can be spooky on Hallloween night
KERRY GREENAWAY gives a little nod to the spirits around us with a look at Halloween traditions

6 Magical Places to Visit from the life of St Patrick

st patrick's cathedral
SARAH BLAIR-DICKINSON celebrates St Patrick's Day by pointing to the places important in the life of Ireland's patron saint

Zombie Ireland: A Bite of Superstition

Zombie Bites
ANN O'REGAN looks at why the Irish were terrified of the dead rising again

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