Discover the old myths and tall tales handed down over the generations from our ancient lands…

Top 10 most disturbing Welsh folk legends

CLAIRE BARRAND reveals some of Wales' most disturbing folk legends...

Welsh Dragons: Everything you need to know

Welsh Dragon
RICHARD FREEMAN, one of the world's leading cryptozoologists, gives an indepth history and insight into Welsh Dragons

Britain’s strangest food-related superstitions

CLAIRE BARRAND discusses folklore in the kitchen and the rules we must follow to ensure we don't have back luck!

Boggart Hole Clough – what is a Boggart?

boggart hole clough - what is a boggart?
BECKY KEANE tells us about the Legend of Boggart Hole Clough in Manchester

How the Welsh bury their dead: Superstitions and death in Wales

Welsh funeral
CLAIRE BARRAND tells us how to bury your dead in Wales and the superstitions and rituals that remain today.

7 Reasons to visit mysterious Beaghmore Stone Circles in Northern Ireland

Beaghmore Stone Circles
Guest writer DARLA MOORE explains why Beaghmore Stone Circles in County Tyrone is an amazing place to visit

How to use the Witch’s Rosary

witch's rosary, witches rosary
Rosary beads aren’t something that is just limited to the Christian faith as PHILIP DAVIES finds out

Arthur, King of the Dead

JON KANEKO-JAMES visits King Arthur's adventures in the Underworld

The Sea Tombed Village of Singleton Thorpe

BARRY McCANN looks at fascinating story of the fabled submerged village of Singleton Thorpe reputedly near Blackpool in Lancashire

Baobhan Sith: Are Scottish Vampires more deadly?

Baobhan Sith
ROSE GARNETT reveals the terrifying Baobhan Sith - the Scottish brand of vampires that would leave their Transylvanian cousins for dead

The Legend of Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle

PHILIP DAVIES tells of us the mystery surrounding Mitchell's Fold Circle in Shropshire...

Piseóg – The Curse of the Irish?

ANN O’REGAN says eggs - piseogs - are at the core of evil Irish folk magick!

Walpurgis Night: What is it and why is it spooky?

Walpurgis Night aka Walpurgisnacht
Walpurgis Night - 30th April - is a spooky event named after a British saint

Changelings Fairies, The Darker Side of Irish Fairy Lore

Welsh Changeling
ANN MASSEY gives us some tips on protecting our infants from being swapped for Changelings!

The Brag, don’t ride the shape-shifting Devil Horse!

The Brag
JON KANEKO-JAMES tells us about shape-shifting devil horses from the north of England

What are Cornish Knockers of Cornwall’s Tin Mines?

Cornish Knockers are tiny creatures who live deep inside the dark tunnels of Cornwall's tin mines, L.H. DAVIES reports

England’s 6 most terrifying historic vampire cases

Croglin Grange Vampire
Real-life vampires and other bloodsucking creatures are found throughout English history, says RICK HALE

Yeth Hounds, Lost Souls of Dartmoor, born of blood and misery

Yeth Hound
JON KANEKO-JAMES explores the vicious legend of the Yeth Hounds - spirits of unborn babies and the lost

Ireland’s Fairy Forts and the Curse of Tara

AMY VAN CASTEELE looks at how the legends of the Sidhe, the mystical people of fairy mounds, still grip Ireland

How Finn McCool made the Giant’s Causeway

This Saint Patrick's Day, JANET QUINLIVAN tells the story behind one of Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway

The Duergar – The Dwarves of Simonside Hills

LEE D. MUNRO says beware frightful dwarves when travelling through Simonside Hills in Northumberland

Otta F Swire, Scotland’s Forgotten Folklorist

Otta Swire, Otta F Swire
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the little known Scottish author Otta F Swire and her amazing Herbridean folktales

The Evil Ghost Vicar of Ratcliff Wharf

St Anne's Church, Limehouse
EDDIE BRAZIL looks at the construction of urban folklore horror in the form of a murderous vicar from London's east end

Fairy Shock Troop of Ireland

ANN MASSEY O'REGAN tells us why you should always have a piece of iron in your pocket should you cross the Slua Sidhe in Ireland.

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