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Ghosts, spectres, phantoms, wraiths. If they’re spooky in UK or Ireland, we’ve got them covered!

The Ghosts of Glastonbury

Ghosts of Glastonbury
Guest writer MJ Wayland explores mysterious Glastonbury

Haunted Huddersfield: Interview with Kai Roberts

Huddersfield Train Station
Author Kai Roberts speaks to The Spooky Isles about his new book "Haunted Huddersfield"

My Ghost Experience: The Phantom Breather

Guest writer JOHN MORRIS describes a spooky, unsettling experience from his youth during the 1960s in Kilburn, North-West London.

5 Haunted Places to Visit in Brighton & Hove

Brighton and Hove are holiday meccas by the sea - but according to guest writer A.L. CUIN, they can be plenty spooky too!

Key to M.R. James' terror is your mind

The work of Montague Rhodes James has been filmed many times, especially on television with A Ghost Story for Christmas, a BBC yuletide favourite
Liverpool's PAUL JASON, inspired by yesterday's M.R. James article in The Spooky Isles, describes how England's greatest ghost writer can terrorise with the stroke of a pen

The Curious World of M.R. James, by Robert Lloyd Parry

Guest writer ROBERT LLOYD PARRY tells us why M.R. James' ghost stories are the spookiest

5 Haunted Places to Visit in York

Haunted York
MIKE COVELL explores the City of York, which some claim is the Most Haunted City in England

Investigating the unexplainable in Norwich

Norwich Paranormal Experience Group's founder Tracy Monger says East Anglia is a spooky place

How hypnosis helped me to see a ghost

MATT WINGETT tells how he used hypnosis and visions of long-dead WW2 servicemen to inspire his latest ghost novel.

‘Above Ground’ Ghost of Golders Green

Haunted Golders Green Ghosts
Did crafty tenants take advantage of a poorly-worded legal document lead to a ghost being trapped in Golders Green?

Mystery still surrounds Enfield Poltergeist case, says original investigator Guy Lyon...

Guy Lyon Playfair
Guest writer GUY LYON PLAYFAIR investigated The Enfield Poltergeist first-hand in the 1970s. He takes a look back at the spectacular case for The Spooky Isles.

Belper’s Horrifying Horseman in Black

Belper Horseman
Somewhere on the East Midlands crossroad that links Belper to Ashbourne, you'll find the ghostly Horseman in Black. Guest writer ELLIOT DAVIES is going to track him down.

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Chinnery ‘Backseat Driver’ ghost photo still causes debate

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