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Wish I could remember unforgettable plague film

THERE are a couple of British-made ghosty movies from my childhood that I want to remember. Can you help?
League of Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen, a comedy of terror TV REVIEW

Guest writer ANNA HORIGAN is a huge fan of The League of Gentlemen. In this article, she looks back at the gruesome horror comedy television show

Whistle and I’ll Come To You 1968 and 2010 REVIEWS

ADAM SCOVELL reviews BBC Ghost Stories: Whistle and I'll Come to You released this week by the BFI
Scene from The Lost Will of Dr Rant

The Lost Will of Dr Rant (NBC, 1951) marks early MR James TV adaptation

BARRY McCANN discusses the early television production of an MR James ghost story, The Lost Will of Dr Rant (NBC, 1951)
The Haunted Airman

The Haunted Airman 2006 TV REVIEW

The Haunted Airman is the 2006 BBC adaptation of Dennis Wheatley's 1948 thriller The Haunting of Toby Jugg. SIMON BALL takes a look.

Why TV’s Sherlock has lost the plot

Author MATT WINGETT describes TV's Sherlock as 'Moffat and Gatiss's slow descent into nerddom'.

The Owl Service TV REVIEW

DONNA CUTTRESS looks back on The Owl Service, the award-winning British ghost novel made into a supernatural 1970s TV series... 

Podge and Rodge: A Scare at Bedtime

ANN MASSEY says hello to Podge and Rodge O'Leprocy, stars of Ireland's A Scare at Bedtime

Top 5 Creepy Kids ITV shows

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES celebrates Creepy Kids Week with five examples aimed at younger viewers
The cast from Strange, a spooky series from the BBC.


SIMON BALL looks at Strange, a spooky BBC series from the early noughties
Shadows The Eye

Shadows The Eye 1976 REVIEW

DAVID SAUNDERSON takes a look at Shadows: The Eye, a strange tale of a girl, a vase and dead people on posters...

Hooray! Ripper Street has been saved!

Following our 40,000+ petition and community support, Ripper Street has been saved and is set to return to our screens!

Elementary TV REVIEW

ANN MASSEY takes a look at Sherlock States-side in the TV series, Elementary
Douglas Wilmer

Farewell Douglas Wilmer – TV's Sherlock Holmes

MICHAEL S. COLLINS bids farewell to 1960s Sherlock Holmes TV star Douglas Wilmer, who died recently aged 96
The Nightmare Man 1981 BBC TV Series

The Nightmare Man BBC TV REVIEW

The Nightmare Man is an early 1980s alien/horror BBC television serial. SIMON BALL takes a look.
A Christmas Carol tv adaptations

6 Surprising Christmas Carol TV Specials

Charles Dickens could never have imagined how many adaptations A Christmas Carol would have spawned!

Houdini and Doyle TV REVIEW

Arthur Conan Doyle expert MATT WINGETT casts his eye over ITV's new series, Houdini and Doyle
Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful, Episode One, TV REVIEW

JON KANEKO-JAMES sits down to review the first episode of Showtime's new TV series Penny Dreadful

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell TV Episode Guide

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell screened on the BBC in 2012 - ANDREW GARVEY reviews each of the episodes.

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