Croxteth Hall, Most Haunted (S4, E4) REVIEW


Croxteth Hall in Liverpool has no reason to be haunted, according to historian Richard Felix. But the Most Haunted team discover it a dark and spooky place, writes JOANNA HAGUE

Croxteth Hall

Episode Title: Croxteth Hall
Location: Liverpool
Series: 4 Episode Number: 4
Originally broadcast: 13 April 2004

Croxteth Hall, Most Haunted Review

Croxteth Hall is a massive 210 bedroomed mansion that is only five miles from the centre of Liverpool. The Hall was owned by the Molyneux family until the last Earl died and the local council took over the property. Standing in front of the mansion is the beautiful Yvette while she is talking about the background of the hall. 

Richard Felix explains that he has looked into the history of the property, and he cannot find anything horrible that has happened there. 

A ghost of a house maid has been seen in the kitchen, sounds of staff working has also been heard in there. There have been dark figures seen in the billiard room, where smoke can also be smelt by visitors and staff. Motion detectors go of in the breakfast room as if they have a mind of their own. In one of the upstairs corridors, a photo of an apparition has been caught and shadow figures are seen there on a regular occasion. 

Phil has set up his trigger objects and the baseline tests. When discussing these with Yvette he talks about the noises that are heard and the figures that are seen. He said that he didn’t like the feeling he got when he was up in the attic/servants’ quarters. He also says that he thinks some of the activity can be attributed to the fact that there is lots of original furniture in the hall. 

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When Derek joins the investigation, they begin the walk around in the breakfast room where he picks up on a group of ladies’ energy. As he begins talking, there are audible bangs coming from upstairs. Phil goes up to investigate. Derek says that one of the ladies’ energies is from Charlotte but as always with no surname she is not able to be traced. During all the time that he was talking there was lots of banging and Phil was unable to find a reason for it. They contact the security on site to check that it wasn’t him walking around. 

Derek picks up on a woman, saying that the other ladies are trying to protect her as she is upset. The others do not want the knowledge of something getting out. Derek then picks up on a man’s energy who he advises that he is called Philip, and he has a lady called Mary who is with him, Phil asks him for a surname and Derek says Molyneux, he then goes on to say that Philip was a good man. 

For a change the crew have invited psychic artist Brian Shepard. They leave Brian in one of the rooms that was damaged by fire. Brian picks up on two ladies which come through to him and he begins to draw them. He then says that the girls vanished, and the energy was replaced by a male, William Creedy. When he communicated with William, he told Brian that he belonged in the hall. Some information came on the screen to say that there is the possibility of an illegitimate child that should have inherited the hall. 

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Yvette takes Derek to one of the corridors that she finds particularly scary as it is so long and so dark. He picks up on a male spirit in the area who he describes as moving quickly in that area. The name he gets communicated to him is Augustas and he feels that the surname is the same, there is no records of this person attached to the hall. Matthew Smith, who is the resident sceptic, joins them for the first time on this investigation. 

The team go back to the breakfast room while Karl ventures to the attic on his own. Almost immediately they can hear thuds coming from upstairs, but when the camera flips to Karl, he is not moving. Karl says that he is feeling fine upstairs until there is a really loud bang as he thinks he has seen someone. The team downstairs rush up as they fear that something has happened to Karl. He finds a sheet of wood on the floor which he believes is the source of the sound but can’t recall if he knocked it over. 

The team decide to split up at this point to cover more of the hall. Yvette starts on the corridor where the picture was captured, the girls head down to the kitchen and this is one of the funniest moments during this episode. The girls are obviously on edge and Cath coughs which sends the other two running from the kitchen in fright. Their reactions are priceless. 

After there is not much activity on the corridor, Yvette and her team move down to the cellar. They begin calling out and there are a few noises that they think sound like footsteps. As they are leaving there is a loud crash behind them which spurs them on to leave. 

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Richard decides to brave the kitchen on his own but never actually makes it inside. He says he can hear noises, but he cannot find anyone around. He says he is trying to be really brave, but he is terrified and more so when he hears footsteps coming from upstairs. With this he makes a quick exit and never actually makes it inside. Matthew goes in next and does make it through the door but says he is quite anxious inside; nothing happens while he is in there. 

Stuart braves the attic this time and tries to do a séance, while speaking out he hears one of the other doors shut which he immediately investigates. As he is in the corridor there is a really loud bang that he can not find a reason for, followed by banging from other rooms. With a few swear words he makes a quick exit from the attic, as he is on the stairs there are lots of door slams which make him hurry more.

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