Crying Wolf 2015 REVIEW

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Crying Wolf 2015 is Caroline Munro’s newest horror flick, reviewed by SIMON BALL

Crying Wolf 2015

TITLE: Crying Wolf
DIRECTOR: Tony Jopia
CAST: Caroline Munro, Gary Martin, Joe Egan, Kristofer Dayne, Gabriela Hersham, Ian Donnelly, Kimberly Jaraj, Marco Radice, Billy Chainsaw

Crying Wolf 2015 Review

So this hard-boiled private dick (Gary Martin) is hired to investigate the strange goings on in the village of Deddinghton. In an antique shop he finds a mysterious book that antique shop owner Caroline Munro (Dracula AD 1972, Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter) is reluctant to part with, that reveals how a very British group of lycans get duped into taking a camping holiday in the Cotswolds by a pair of revenge seeking tooled up werewolf hunters?

Complete with a squabbling couple, the prematurely-aged pipe-smoking pub bore, a middle-aged lothario and a forgetful pensioner who thinks the international operator is his Russian girlfriend, the group are soon on the bus that takes them to the wilds (or as wild as England can get) of the Cotswolds. Once the camp is set up, sexual jealousies start to threaten the pack’s social cohesion especially when they pick up a pair of hitch hiking lady pickpockets.

Crying Wolf

Nods are made to the classic Amicus Portmanteau horrors of the 1960s and 1970s as pack members recall creepy stories.

There’s a touch of Carry On Camping/Benny Hill style saucy humour and a whiff of Sergio Leone western even if a roll up has to do for a cheroot, before the pack faces its final bloody showdown when tour leader Ricky Hellsong (Marco Radice) and his sidekick go Rambo on them with a shed full of weaponry.

Made over three years on a nano budget of £12,000, Crying Wolf 2015 won’t win any prizes for makeup or special effects and in places the acting is a bit creaky. But it’s a refreshingly funny movie with plenty of slapstick gore and some nice genre in-jokes.

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