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Werewolf films include The Wolf Man, Curse of the Werewolf, The Beast Must Die and An American Werewolf in London.

The Wolfman 2010 REVIEW

The Wolfman 2010
HEATHER ANDOLINA takes a look at The Wolfman 2010, the remake of the classic Universal lycanthrope horror

10 An American Werewolf in London Facts You Didn’t Know

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS tells us 10 things you might not know about An American Werewolf in London...

The Undying Monster 1942 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at 20th Century-Fox's attempt to enter Universal's horror territory, The Undying Monster.

Werewolf of London 1935 REVIEW

Henry Hull in Werewolf of London 1935
Werewolf of London 1935 was Universal's first attempt to bring the lycanthrope into its stable of horror stars, says ANDREW GARVEY

Curse of the Werewolf 1961 REVIEW

ANDREW GARVEY reviews Hammer's only ever werewolf film, Curse of the Werewolf (1961)

Dog Soldiers 2002 REVIEW

Dog Soldiers 2002
Dog Soldiers 2002 is the best werewolf film since An American Werewolf in London, says ANDREW GARVEY

John Landis thanked me for sneaking into Werewolf film

John Landis An American Werewolf in London photo
Bradford's STEPHEN DOYLE was 16 when he sneaked into to the newly-released An American Werewolf in London. He tells The Spooky Isles that his exploit resulted in a signed photo and letter of appreciation from the film's director John Landis

An American Werewolf in London 1981 REVIEW

Horror and comedy are mixed to perfection in An American Werewolf in London 1981, says DAVID SAUNDERSON.


The Haunting 1963: 10 creepy facts you must know

The Haunting 1963
The Haunting 1963 is a horror classic. KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS reveals some interesting facts.

The Hampstead Horror: Hunting Dracula in NW3

JACOB MILNESTEIN investigates the real-life North London locations that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula

Chorley, Lancashire: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

BECKY KEANE counts down five haunted places you can visit in Creepy Chorley...

The Lives of Three Curious Cunning Folk

Cunning Folk were practitioners of folk magic through the ages. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us about the lives of three of the most interesting Cunning Folk in history

Gloucestershire: 13 Haunted Places to Visit

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire in England’s South West is home to some truly spooky places - from jails, to pubs, to even an entire village full of ghosts! CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of the county’s 13 most haunted locations.