CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunt’s Galorm Castle episode

For the final instalment in the series, the Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts team make their way to Galgorm Castle which is a former Jacobean stronghold and allegedly, the most haunted castle in Northern Ireland.  

The owner, Christopher says of one of the former owners, a Dr Colville sold soul to the devil, thus giving him enough earthly riches to build Galgorm. Dr Colville was by all accounts an unpopular man and a royalist, who was brought before the local council for dealing in the dark arts.

His portrait is not allowed to be moved from the house due to the suspicion that a great disaster would befall the house if it where to leave the castle grounds.

One strange happening that befell the owner’s grandmother was, she was once woken up by the ghost of a woman who wore a shawl and maid-like attire. The first time the ghost woke her she bravely followed it, and the spirit took her outside onto the balcony. The second time she was awoken by the spectre, it told her that her horses had escaped, and without checking the field, the woman drove straight into nearby Ballymena only to find that indeed her horses were running amuck in the streets of the town. 

Before arriving at the castle, Andy meets Marion about a mile away to attempt a psychometry test with the original key to the Galgorm Castle – Marion handles the key and states the key is keeping something in rather than keeping something out. She says it feels “dark, not nice, and as if there’s a secret…and it’s not a good secret”. 

They next venture to the castle where Marion does not like the energy from the outside. She says she witnessed a young woman in spirit form named Rosemary, moving up the courtyard. However, instead of entering the main door she moved around to the side of a building, which gives Marion the impression that the woman may be a servant. Whilst inside the castle, Marion picks up on a plethora of names of servants whilst inside the building, but by far the strongest is the energy is Rosemary. 

Later, when walking the grounds with Christopher the owner, she senses Rosemary again strongly in the grounds and particularly in the outhouse, where she most definitely was not allowed to have been. Marion surmises that she might have been in one with one of the outdoor male servants – perhaps a stable boy, but she is not sure. 

Christopher the owner, says that there was a maid that worked for the doctor, who was arrested I Scotland for stealing, and also accused of witchcraft. When she was asked where she learnt the dark arts, it is claimed she said, “from the Doctor”. Could this be Rosemary, whose spirit wanders in the courtyard?

While the team are setting up for this evening investigation they pick up on camera a ghostly voice repeating what a member of the team had just spoken. The team member asks one of her colleagues, “are you sure?” and this same phrase is repeated straight away by a deep, unknown voice.  

The next day, the team decide to hold a Ouija board session (in the daylight, rather refreshingly) which does bring some activity, but once they ask for communication with the doctor, all responses suddenly stop. 

While speaking to Andy, Christopher states that the doctor had an aged relative named James Colville who was living in the house in secret, although no one is entirely sure why this was such a secret. However, he was most definitely hiding from someone or something, and it is believed that he may be the same James Colville who had escaped from the Tower of London. This would therefore explain his reluctance to leave Galgorm Castle. 

Meanwhile, Marion wants to draw the illusive doctor forward and sits in front of his portrait and asks out for him to give her any sort of sign. She then becomes very cold and asks the doctor to blow out a candle she has resting beside her but gets no response. She calls Andy for assistance who does a temperature reading which is quite low. Asking aloud for the spirits to further drop the temperature, it does continue to decrease. 

Throughout the entirety of the investigation, the doctor point blank refused to communicate to any of the team, something which has left Marion slightly disheartened. 

Well, you can’t win ‘em all, as they say.   

And there you have it, a synopsis of Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts, series one. Why not spend a bit of time revisiting the series, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below?

Stay safe and stay spooky!

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