Greater Manchester: A Hub of UFO Activity?


Greater Manchester has been a magnet for UFO sightings for decades. RICK HALE looks at some of those most baffling cases…

Manchester UFOs

According to UFOlogists, there are locations around the world that seem to act as a kind of magnet for UFO activity

These ‘window areas,” as they are called, boast an unusual amount of otherworldly activity, with everything from merely seeing odd lights in the sky to the dreaded alien abduction.

In Britain, London and its surrounding region can boast an extraordinary amount of seemingly interstellar activity. 

However, the Greater Manchester area would appear to be a region of the country where the window is blown wide open and unidentified flying objects come and go at will.

Something more than just ghosts haunts Greater Manchester. 

The Manchester Near Miss

When asked what is the safest way to travel, most people will, of course, say flying.

When flying, you put your faith and trust in the capable hands of the pilot and onboard staff. Basically, you expect them to get you there on time and in one piece.

Nevertheless, the unexpected does occur, and the pilot has to think fast in order to keep everyone safe. But what if that unexpected thing appears to be from another world?

In February 1996, Captain Roger Wills was making a routine run from Milan, Italy, to Manchester Airport with 63 souls aboard his Boeing 737.

As he descended to 4000 feet, nearing Manchester Airport, he looked out his window to see an object approaching his plane at a high rate of speed.

Captain Wills, had to take evasive action as he feared the strange craft and his plane would collide midair, effectively ending the trip and the lives of every person onboard.

Thankfully, Captain Wills was able to safely land his aircraft without a tragic, fiery crash that would undoubtedly have killed everyone.

Most major airline pilots are now hesitant to report such incidents for fear of two things happening.

One, people would think they were either crazy or, two, unfit to keep flying the friendly skies.

Because who would want to put their lives in the hands of someone who sees UFOs?

Not Captain Wills, he was all too willing to report what he had seen. And his co-pilot, Mark Stuart, was more than ready to back up his friend and colleague.

Wills and Stuart went to the Civil Aviation Authority to report what almost ended in a devastating crash.

The two seasoned pilots described the craft they almost collided with in stark detail.

In their report, Wills and Stuart were certain the craft was solid and triangular shaped. It made no sound as it swiftly flew past their aircraft.

After Wills and Stuart’s report, another person came forward who validated the two men’s report.

Mark Loyd, came forward and claimed to have seen the whole thing, even giving the same description of the mystery craft.

Although sceptics have tried to explain the event away, the Manchester near miss remains unexplained to this day.

Wigan Lights

Although London and its surrounding communities are said to be Britain’s greatest hotspot for otherworldly sightings, Wigan in Greater Manchester is undoubtedly a close second.

Throughout its history, strange lights have been reported over the skies of this small town.

But since the beginning of the 2000s, there have been 79 reports of strange flying objects that no one can explain.

In 2004 alone, a large number of Wigan townsfolk have seen a basketball sized, orange orb flying just overhead.

A few eyewitnesses have even claimed to have seen this orange ball up close. According to them, it makes no sound and floats away as if being piloted by an unknown intelligence. 

In the same year, a formation of seven mysterious craft were witnessed floating soundlessly over the town for three minutes before flying off into the distance.

And as recently as 2019, a cigar shaped craft with flashing lights was witnessed by a number of people in town.

It would seem, if you want to see unidentified flying objects, strange lights, and alien beings merely out for a stroll, Greater Manchester is the place to see them.

Have you seen a UFO in the Greater Manchester area? Tell us about it in the comments section below!



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