Norwich Paranormal Experience Group’s founder Tracy Monger tells The Spooky Isles that East Anglia is a spooky place

Hi Tracy, thanks for talking to us. Tell us a little bit about Norwich Paranormal.
Norwich paranormal experience group is based in Norfolk, UK. We were formed in 2003 by requests from people wanting to join a paranormal group. We are self-funded and while running public nights, we’ve raised over £17,000 for different charities so far.
Explain what your investigations involve – what methods do you use?
We tend to do an investigating using a mixture of spiritual methods and equipment. Equipment is handy to rule out natural explanation. After base tests are done, the equipment can indicate something is happening if the equipment picks up something. We do a lot of experiments of different kinds, including experiments with the equipment we use.
Where have you investigated? Tell us about some of the more spookier times you’ve had.
We have had the pleasure of investigating many places and I will do an brief overview of some of the most interesting places.
Epping Forest – most have heard that the forest is haunted, we went to Loughton Camp. We split into three groups, forming a triangle. My group had four people and the other two groups have 3 people. My group’s first vigil was on the east side of the camp, the other side of the ditch.
Lights were seen and we all felt like we were being lifted up, like the ground was rising into a bank. We had feelings of people behind us, but no-one was there. We all saw the middle area light up (where info board is), we first saw orange lights above the trees, it looked misty and someone saw something swinging but could not distinguish what it was. We all saw another light by the board, then we saw four figures and it looked like they were floating, they looked like they were out of place in our time. The lights looked like lanterns, an orange colour and it lit up the board again. We all saw this but the other 2 groups did not, we can not explain what happened but suggest it could have been a replay/residual.
We investigate the Mound as saw black shadows, figures were seen alone with misty figure. I would go back there for sure, but would never expect to see anything like that again.
Castle Acre Castle (Norfolk) is another interesting place. We witnessed small yellow lights, shadows, flashes of lights. We saw what looked like torches that were seen on several occasions, but we could not find the source to these. Five of us saw the castle light up, like it was illuminated, we ruled out moon, car lights etc, but the people inside did not witness this. We had stone thrown, black shapes and figures seen. This might have been a replay/residual as we could not explain it in any other way.
Peterborough Museum is a fantastic place and we have witnessed black shadows, noises heard, items being moved, vocal noises of different kinds heard, equipment problems, knocks on command, Chanting heard. In one area a group of us heard singing and this was confirmed later as a new phenomena, heard by workmen, which we did not know! On leaving on this occasion we heard music being played from the roof of the building, that was very odd and took us by surprise.
On another visit we had a temperature rise of 7.1° C that could not be explained. Small lights seen, different sounds heard, batteries draining, heavy breathing and humming heard, Another visit we heard alot of different footsteps in different areas. Noises heard the floor above us, which was empty, female heard talking, unexplainable EMF readings,
Castle Rising Castle (Norfolk) was another good place, unexplainable temperature readings, going up and down, voices heard, misty figures seen, two different EMF went off at the same time, even though apart from each other, we could not explain why they went off.
Above is a very short summary of some of the places we have visited.
Thanks for that. How do people become involved?
We do hold public nights, if you would like to join us, visit our website for more information

Contact Norwich Paranormal at its website here or Facebook here.

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