Tracey Everett, Paranormal Investigator Q&A


Spooky Isles interviews  Tracey Everett, from Essex-based Pitsea Paranormal, who has been investigating the paranormal for six years

Tracey Everett, Pitsea Paranormal

What was your first Paranormal encounter?
My first paranormal experience was when I attended a house warming party. I had gone upstairs to use the bathroom and entered a unusually-shaped  room. The toilet was on the left as you entered and for the bath/sink you turned to the right. So having peeked my head round to the bath side and noticing no-one there. I continued my business. Then I turned the corner to go and wash my hands.

There to my surprise was a lady sitting at the sink. I apologised immediately and explained I had checked the room for guests. She was lovely about it and asked whether i was enjoying myself at the party, which I replied yes!

I made my excuse and left for the party downstairs. I mentioned to some friends about the misunderstanding upstairs and stated  that I hadn’t recognised the lady, but not to worry she will be down in the minute. After 10 minutes, she had not come down, the host asked me to describe her, which I did and watched his face turn a deathly white. “The woman you described sounds like my late wife.”

He then proceeded to show me a photograph and yes it did look like her, only the hair was different. The lady in the picture had straight hair! What I saw was a shaggy style perm. He then stated that just before she died, she had a perm, also she was wheelchair bound and that would explain why I saw her in a seated position. She had died five years earlier.

Do you believe in ghosts, and if so, what is a ghost?
Yes I do believe in ghosts! A ghost is disembodied human or animal, that will try and make its presence known. It will try and interact, manipulate and move objects and in some instance make itself be seen. It is believed that a ghost is a lost soul or just happy to visit a favoured or happy place.

What evidence have you personally uncovered that makes you consider ghosts are real?
Mostly camera action. Orbs! Trigger objects being moved and EVP recordings.

Are you skeptical of the claims others make of their findings?
No, we all have our own conclusions and opinions.

How do prepare for a ghost hunt?
We are a team of six investigators, two are mediums and the other four are training mediums. We have cameras, EVP meters, radio equipment, K2s, which detect energy fields, and thermal imagining equipment.

What tips would you give for someone going on a paranormal investigation for the first time?
Firstly go with an open mind!, Although we try and get a supposedly active place, we cannot guarantee any ghostly activity. Wrap up warm, take a plenty of photographs and a torch. But mostly enjoy the night.

What is your favourite piece of paranormal investigation equipment?
That’s got to be my K2 machine. This tells me the spirit/ghost is close, by lighting the K2 lights from green (close) to red (beside me).

Are you psychic? Do you consider being psychic a help or a hindrance for paranormal investigations.
No not quite there yet, but I do sense things. I think having a medium is a must!. Not a hindrance at all.

What makes a great haunted location?
Plenty of reported ghostly activity. Getting evidence either from photographs or EVPs and better still, a manifestation.

If you could investigate any haunted location, where would that be?
The Edinburgh Vaults.

What scares you about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigations?
Nothing really scares me, although I don’t think I can do a lone vigil yet!

In your opinion, what is the most haunted area in the UK or Ireland?
I think there are too many great locations to say UK or Ireland, both equally great to investigate.

Read any good paranormal books or watched any good paranormal TV shows/movies recently?
I think Ghost Adventurer is one of the best TV shows to date.

Tell us about your favourite moment from a paranormal investigation. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.
That has got to be night in a hotel in Essex. The experience of table tipping! Four of us had our fingers to the edge of around solid table, we were asking for any spirit to move the table, this happened almost instantly, shaking, twisting, rising of the ground and then tilting in mid air. I have never seen anything like it.

We then in turn took our fingers off whilst the table was tilted. Only one person was left, and for a 6ft solid wood round table to be suspended mid air on its side, was amazing and unexplainable to see.

Pitsea Paranormal is based in Essex. You can see its website here:


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