Manchester’s SHIRLEY JOHNSON reveals her childhood ghost experience – the night a “cherub” appeared at her window!
“When I was 4 or 5 years old back in the early 1970’s we lived on a new estate in Whitefield, Bury.
A lovely open spaced area with lots of fields. I remember going upstairs to bed one night, as normal, and dropping off to sleep.
I was woken up by a tapping noise, and turned round to look at my sister who was fast asleep in her bed.
When I looked up above her, there was somebody there, tapping lightly outside the window.
I can only describe it as “cherub” looking – very white, small, about 3 foot tall, with tight white curls.
Next thing I know, this being is standing on the windowsill, which surprised me, but I wasn’t scared.
We started chatting, about what, I don’t recall.
I looked around at the wall because I could hear banging again and saw two black shadows,with top hats and capes on.
They looked like they were pulling something back and hammering.
I still wasn’t frightened.
All of a sudden my Mum walked in the room and asked who I was talking to.
I looked at her and replied ‘the white lady’, and when I looked back, she, and the shadows were gone.
My Mum was a little freaked out by my tale, even though she thought I had dreamed it.
We found out off neighbours, that the new estate had been built on an old cemetery.
We moved house not long after.
My Mum and me talked about my story for many years after, and it is still clear in my mind.
I still can’t watch the film The Poltergeist without being unnerved, because of the similarity of the house being built on a cemetery.
I like to believe that the Cherub was there to protect me from the shadowy figures. I would certainly be scared if anything happened like that to me now.”

IF you have a ghost experience from the uK or Ireland that you would like to share, please contact The Spooky Isles with your story.


  1. Just Like Shirley Johnson, I lived on the estate in Whitefield (Hillock Estate) I’m sure it’s the same place as it was built on a cemetery. When my daughter was only about two or three she use to talk to someone in her room at night. We asked her what this ‘person’ looked like and she said he was a sparkling man.
    We also experienced the doorbell ringing three times with no-one outside. I saw a young person walk across the garden and duck under the washing line as she approached the back door only to find no-one there when I opened the door. On another occasion, a plate smashed on the floor when I turned my back on the table. The plate was in the middle of the table and had to be moved several inches to drop onto the floor. A tap turned itself on and in the bedroom, a bin bag with clothes inside was moving for several minutes as if there was a small animal in it. When I dared to put my hand in, there was nothing there but clothes.
    Perhaps more disturbing, my daughter’s older stepsister told me that she saw a dark figure float into her room and lean over my daughter, then float backwards out of the room. My daughter still lives there but the house doesn’t feel ‘bad’ as such.

  2. @Robert – I’m sorry I have only just seen this (I was showing this to someone in my family today). I can verify that I did in fact live on Hillock estate, no. 2 Tonge Close. I would be very interested to find out what address you were at.

  3. 1999 my mother died. On the day of her funeral the front door bell kept ringing. i would go to the door and nobody was there. A couple of hours after everyone had left my home , the bell was still ringing . I removed the batteries from the bell, it still went off two or three times a day for a few days after . About two weeks later i was in my home with the dog , i was having a bath . I finished and went to get dressed but one of my house slippers was gone . I searched around then thought the dog must have taken it . The dog was in my downstairs room the door was shut , i was baffled. I have a ceiling fan and it was making a strange noise , i looked up, my slipper was on-top of the fan spinning round . A week after i was in the kitchen facing my microwave oven when a glass bowel hit me on the head and landed in the gap between the microwave oven and the cupboard above , about a three inch gap .Weekend after the bowel incident i had family around for Sunday dinner , we were sat and i was telling them what had happened like above..they thought i was losing my mind and just laughed. This lasted a few moments when the keys on my room door started to jangle, the laughing stopped. Then infront of myself and three adults the key fob rose up above the lock . It then fell back in place , i just said ” OK point taken now do it again !” As to order the fob rose up above the keys. The three adults where through my front door in less than ten seconds .I just lost mt temper and cried out ” Ok mum if thats you , you have proved your point now either put the kettle on or MOVE ON . ENOUGH!” Nothing else happened since!

  4. I lived in Prestwich at the time and although I cant remember the exact year 1985/86/87 I can recall a story from the Prestwich & whitefield guide newspaper that there was a family suffering from a poltergeist at naden walk hillock estate no9 although I might be wrong about the exact number, the family were experiencing some rather strange goings on in there residence & eventually they were taken seriously enough as to warrant some kind of investigation, where as it was discovered that there property was built on what was an old graveyard belonging to a church (the name of I,m not sure but wouldn’t be hard to find out) and if my memory serves me well I,m pretty sure that they had to call in priests ,vicars etc to perform an exorcism that was later proven to have been successful, needless to say with what they had been through the family not long after were rehoused. I remember as kids and the knowledge became pretty widespread that we used to ride there on our bmx to the address but of course we never saw anything because this was after the so called exorcism. I hope this is of any use to anyone


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