Spooky Isles writers are always contributing articles about the paranormal but have they seen a ghost themselves. Here are some of our writer’s real life ghost experiences!

Grandma’s ghost in the Garden

I saw my Nana when I was a kid. I was about nine, came down the garden onto the footpath and saw her there just looking at me and smiling. I knew she had passed away it just didn’t register. To me it was just Nana saying hello. Been having experiences albeit not all apparitions though ever since.
– Ann O’Regan, Spooky Isles Deputy Editor (Ireland)

Fulham Palace phantom?

The closest I came to seeing something weird was on a investigation with The Ghost Club at Fulham Palace. About 1am I was dead tired and saw something run by the door. I went to look and there was nothing there. Was it my eyes or was it a spook?
– David Saunderson, Spooky Isles Managing Editor

Strange human blur floats up stairs

I was doing a ghost hunt at a private house, and was sitting at the top of the stairs, when I saw a strange partial human shaped thing float up the steps. It was white, and looked like the right shoulder, head and part of the torso. It vanished, just as I was pondering what it was I was seeing. I thought it was my eyes at first. I’m short sighted and have a stigmatism. And weird light phenomena carried on after I cleaned my specs!
– MJ Steel Collins, Spooky Isles Deputy Editor (Scotland)

Spooky experience in French farmhouse

One ghostly encounter that I have had was when I was fifteen, and stopping at an aunt’s house in France. A big old farmhouse, my bed was in a room at the bottom of a staircase. I awoke to see a female figure in a night dress coming down the stairs, and felt her knock the bottom of my bed before vanishing. I asked in the morning if anyone had been been up in the night, but nobody had…
– Pollyanna Jones

Dead cat still comes to visit

Out the corner of my eye, I have sometimes spotted my cat sitting behind me. Nothing unusual in that, except my cat passed away some years back, and I haven’t had another pet since…
– Richard Phillips-Jones, Spooky Isles Deputy Editor (Film and Television)

Vanishing figure seen while walking dog at dusk

One evening at dusk, I was walking the dog through the park. At the time I had to check for people walking dogs, as my puppy would charge off after them. I noticed a figure in the distance walking towards me, I looked down to check the dog, and when I looked back up the figure had gone!
– Selene Paxton-Brooks

Phone rings and clear figure stares at bed

Last year – not sure what a saw, I was lying in bed in my Mum’s place in Belfast about 1am, phone rings downstairs but everyone is in bed. I open my eyes to see a black see-through figure looking in the door, looking from the cot across the room to my bed and back again. I closed my eyes out of fear and pretended to be asleep, when I opened them again it’s still there, one hand around the door still looking over and back. Did the same thing – closed my eyes – when I opened them again it was gone.
– Janet Quinlivan

Son returns to retirement home

Whilst investigating some quite disturbing paranormal activity in a retirement home I had an encounter with what I can only describe as a ghost. Whilst carrying some video equipment on my own through the well-lit building in the early hours of the morning a young man wearing modern clothes suddenly appeared a few yards in front of me and walked into the hallway where he promptly disappeared. This was not the phenomena I had been asked to investigate but when reported back to the lady owner she immediately said, “Oh, I’m glad you’ve seen my son, he likes to come back to his old home” – unbeknown to me her son had been killed in a car accident when he was in his early twenties.
– Andrew Homer

Victorian Ghost seen in London Library

I had a strange incident on Swansea Beach in 2001, but the time where I undeniably saw SOMETHING was in 2016 while researching for a paper at an ASSAP conference. I was in the basement of the London Library in St James’ looking at trial transcripts (not the British Library, readers can’t get direct access to the books there) when I turned around to see a man in Victorian clothes standing there. There was nothing ghostly or supernatural – he was just a man in a very old fashioned cut of suit. We shared a bit of a ‘What the **** are you doing here look. Then he vanished in front of my eyes. That was fairly ghostly.
– Jon Kaneko James

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