For every well known haunting there are dozens of individual stories of a very personal haunting. This is just one that might never have been told. London’s WILL SYER tells TOM BUZER his ghost experience

“My dad died when I was quite young, but I have felt his presence around the house and beyond all my life. From one of his rings setting off an EMF meter, to things being moved around the house.

“The animals seem to notice more than I do though, well, that’s always been true.

“The dog barking at something unseen, the dog and the cat both staring at a spot, almost transfixed.

“Then there is the more tangible, strange bumps in empty parts of the house, strange breezes and smells, including the unmistakable smell of coffee. I’m the only person in the house that drinks the stuff and I know I didn’t have any.

“Smoke alarms go off sometimes too, usually accompanied by the smell of cigarette smoke, even though there isn’t a smoker in the house, although my dad did smoke.
“Stranger still, I left a digital voice recorder on in my room one night, the next day, listening back, I heard ‘why can’t you hear me?’

“Now I never said that, and I doubt my cat did, and it was just me in my room, I know, I was still awake when the recording happened. Apparently it sounded like me, or my dad, I’ve been told we sound the same.

“The last strange thing I’ve noticed was just after i had tuned my guitar.

“I used a pitch pipe and if you have ever heard one you will know how distinctive they are. Well at this time I was moving rooms, so my guitars were in one room, my bed another.

“I had gone into my bedroom, having put the pitch pipe in its case in a drawer. It was only me upstairs, when I heard a note played on the pitch pipe.

“When I checked the pitch pipe was exactly where I left it. If you can explain that you’re doing better than me.”

TOM BUZER says writing is his hobby and he is “aiming to document all that is paranormal, from the mundane to the extraordinary, and at only 19 I have a long time to reach this aim”. 


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