BARBARA LOWE is a long-time psychic/clairvoyant who runs White Light Paranormal in East London. She describes a particularly action-packed spirit clearing recently at a London pub.

I was called to do a clearing at a pub.
I won’t say the name of the pub but let’s say the staff refused to go downstairs to the basement on their own as one of the staff had seen a child down there.
They hated it because stuff would always happen when somebody was down there on their own – being touched  by unseen hands,  being watched, footsteps heard following.
But the bar was just as bad.
They even had a charity money box start moving on its own and a  glass getting thrown at a member of staff.
I think that was the last straw, so I got called in. I was recommended to them by a previous client.
When I got there and had a look, it was bad. The pub went back to the 1700s.
It was haunted alright, but not by a few but hundreds.
The location was a holding area for highwayman gangs.
It was  also  used for a holding  overnight  area a lot of  bodies from the Second Great Fire of London before they went to their final location.
There had been murders there, a violent assault. The pub was also on a ley line that ran across the bar area as well.
When I started to cross the spirits over, the owner started to feel very sick and felt  faint, so we took her out for some fresh air while I continue cleansing the bar area with White Light.
She came back in when she felt better.
The next minute, I got called back as she had started to go into a trance.
I got her to come back  from the trance and gave her water to ground her and asked her if she wanted me to carry on, as somehow she was reacting to the clearing.
She said she was fine and said for me to carry on. So I carried on in the main bar area, crossing the spirits over and cleansing it with light.
After 15 minutes, a team member called me again saying the owner was in trance in again, this time she was transfiguring as well taking on a new face.
Well, I thought I have so got to find out who this spirit is.
I did ask the spirit what she was doing with the owner and the spirit said she was hers.
Well, I got the owner back. She was so shaky and upset. It turned out she had an attachment since she was 14, as she dabbled with the occult.
So I stopped for the night to rest as I now had to deal with the attachment as well as the pub.
So the next night, I had the removal decrees with me and I did warn the team this is not going to be pretty.
The first port of call was to remove the entity from the owner with the decree as she read it out loud  me and some of  my team stayed outside as its dangerous, even to mediums – it’s that powerful! But I had one of the techs in there, we got called back via walkie talkie.
The decree then was burned and I asked my guide to stay with her for the night just to make sure she was OK as it would take a while for the removal to start. She started to not feel well so she went to bed.
I phoned her  the next day and she said she had no sleep as  she said it felt like water pouring out of the back of her neck and I knew it had worked.
I made sure she was OK before carrying on with the removal of the pub spirits.
I went back and carried on with the team to finish the job.
The pub is now clear and is ghost free but I did get two new guides out of this clearing as I call them the Monks  of Laurel and Hardy as they won’t tell me there names. They don’t talk much. I still have them to this day.
The client on the other hand is fine and it was an experience she doesn’t want to repeat in a hurry.

Barbara Lowe is a medium and paranormal investigator with White Light Paranormal in East London.
Check out their Website here.


  1. My own personal experiences : ” THE GHOST OF GLADSTONE VILLA”. A genuine case that happened to me, my family and our friends from 1969 to 1978. We lived at a property called Gladstone villa in the former mining town of Bargoed which is in the Caerphilly county borough of the South Wales valleys. We experienced things that defied rational explanation like very mild poltergeist activity such as lights going off and on, electrical cables being pulled by unseen forces and there was the occasional sighting, but this was very rare indeed !

    We heard regular footsteps in the main bedroom which would go on every evening, sometimes during the day when we’d all be downstairs watching television, one of us would turn the volume down just to hear it more clearly as it walked directly above us and my grandfather Bill would point to the ceiling , trying to make out just exactly where it was coming from !!
    This really did happen to us and I wouldn’t share this if it couldn’t be backed up. This property actually convinced a skeptic and a non believer so it’s well worth looking into.


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