For Creepy Kids Week, BECKY KEANE recounts her childhood paranormal experiences and how they continue to this very day

Since being a child I have had several paranormal experiences, I was born premature, this resulted in me being deaf. Not being able to hear at night due to my hearing aids being out, I believe  has broadened my other senses.
At our family home in the 90s I would often see a young woman standing outside my bedroom, waving at me. I vividly remember her clothing and her permed hair; I would often wave back and be compelled to say “Hello Mum”. The strange thing was my mother was very much alive. I told my parents what I was experiencing and was taken immediately to see the doctor, who subsequently referred me to a school for children with mental health issues. It was soon discovered that I wasn’t actually suffering from any mental health problems – and I never did see that young woman outside my bedroom again.
In 2009, my mother and I were looking through some old photographs, to my amazement I came across a picture of what appeared the same young woman I saw outside my bedroom as a child, I remarked how much this woman looked like my mother. My mother then informed me that it was actually her in the photograph, in the early 80s she had a perm, but had cut her hair shorter soon after my birth in 1985.
I believe this was my mother’s doppelganger (a look-alike or double of a living person, sometimes portrayed as a paranormal phenomenon, and in some traditions as a harbinger of bad luck) or perhaps it was something more sinister, who knows, but this wasn’t the only experience I had in that house.
Everyone who visited the house often said the landing area had a very protective atmosphere, especially in regards children. My younger brother had medical issues as a child and I was once sent to retrieve some items from his bedroom.
At the top of the stairs I noticed what I can now only describe as a shadow figure, its head and other features where the darkest shade of black. I saw it dart into the nearby boiler room; I can still recall the sheer terror I felt inside. Running past the boiler room into my brother’s bedroom I quickly grabbed what I needed and I peered around the door to see if it was still there. I was back down the stairs in an instant, telling my parents what I had just encountered. It was a while before I had the courage to venture upstairs alone again.
Now I have my own home and haven’t seemed to have got away from paranormal experiences. In 2012, my eldest daughter and I had come back from running errands, I went to make some lunch leaving her alone in the living room. I then clearly heard a man’s voice loudly say “BECKY”. Thinking someone was at the door I went to see, but no one was there. I checked the living room and my daughter said “Mummy did you hear that?” I even checked the windows to see if I had left them open by mistake and someone was outside.
I went back into the kitchen and soon after I heard my name said yet again, but this time more was said, but the rest of the sentence I couldn’t make out. I froze with a butter knife in my hand, my heart racing I was convinced someone was in my house.
My daughter ran in,  white as a sheet; she had heard the voice again too. I mustered the courage to investigate; showing my daughter there was nothing to fear. We searched the whole house together and not a living soul other than my daughter and I was there. I have no explanation.
Paranormal incidents happen regularly in my current home and we have all learnt to live with them, but I must say the atmosphere is somewhat different to the home I grew up in. I would like to think the activity is related to my late father, who passed away in 2009, wherever he may be I hope he still looks over us and visits us from time to time.



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