Unseen forces attacked me in my brand new – and haunted – flat in Moseley!


FIONA GLASS reveals how moving into a new flat in Moseley became nasty because of unseen forces…

Back in the early 1990s I bought my first ever flat, in a quiet street in the leafy Birmingham suburb of Moseley. It was pretty small, but it was brand spanking new, it had central heating and a nice view out over a courtyard garden, and it had all the mod cons. The one thing I didn’t expect it to have was a ghost.

I didn’t notice anything at first, but gradually over the weeks and months I became aware of an odd feeling. There was a cold spot in one corner of the bedroom (in spite of that central heating!) and no obvious source of draughts. There was a sensation of not being alone, and worse, of unfriendliness. And then things became more “hands on”, in a surprisingly literal sense.

Once when I was completely alone I felt a hand on my back, low down at the hip. I was staring out of the window at the time, and told myself it was the curtain which had flapped across and hit me. But I hadn’t seen it move, and in reality it was far too short. Soon after that, my fiancé was in the living room and felt a sudden, hard shove in the back. He and I were the only ones in the place at the time, and he was staring straight at me as I cooked in the kitchen several feet away. It shook him, even though he described himself as “psychically dead” and was utterly cynical about ghosts.

We never did find an explanation for those events, but things started to get worse. Waves of unfriendliness, and even darkness, rose upwards in that same corner of the bedroom, as though something was coming up through the floor. Soon afterwards, the neighbour from the flat downstairs asked me, completely unprompted, whether I’d seen the ghost – so it obviously wasn’t just me who had noticed something strange.

And all this was happening in a building so new that it hadn’t even been finished when I bought my flat!

We did some research, but couldn’t find out much. There was obviously no history of death in the apartment block because it was too new for that. However, shortly before I left we had a very long dry spell, and when I glanced out at the courtyard garden I could see scorch marks in the grass. These marked out the lines of the houses that had been there originally – terraced Victorian houses like so many in Birmingham. And calculating sizes and positions from those lines, I could see that the cold spot in the bedroom was right where the old house’s stairs would have been.

It’s not proof, of course, but it could explain why I always had the sensation of the presence coming up, through the floor, into my room. And a little more research suggested that there had indeed been a violent death in one of those Victorian houses, before they were pulled down.

I’ll never know if there really was a ghost, but the circumstantial evidence is fairly strong. And if there was, I’d be fascinated to know if it was something new that came along with the flat – or whether it was left behind, still occupying the same space, from when the old houses were destroyed. I’d love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience, and whether they think ghosts can exist in new buildings, or are left over from the past.

FIONA GLASS says: “When she isn’t being a pane in the glass, she lives in a slate cottage within stone-throwing distance (never a good idea in Glass houses) of England’s largest lake. She writes paranormal and dark contemporary fiction and has had two paranormal romance novels and a novella published. Her latest book, ‘Got Ghosts?‘ (a paranormal romp about a TV production company filming at the haunted manor house of Greystones Hall) is available now on Amazon.