CHRIS IERONIMOU describes how spiritual forces saved him from burning to death in his sleep from an Easter flame!

Holy FlameWhen I was about 15 years old, I had to go to Greek Church, dragged by my ear if necessary.
It was the same every Easter!
My mum would bully us to get ready.
We would get to the Church for around 10pm.
We would buy some candles and hold one each.
I would endure the ceremony for nearly two hours.
Eventually at the stroke of 12, the lights were turned off and you would see a single flame at the altar become two then three then very quickly radiate out through the crowd.
After lighting my candle over the shoulder of the person in front of me, we would start the journey to bring the holy flame home, navigating all the hazards that would entail, like the wind, funny looks from the drivers at the traffic light wondering “What are they doing with a lit candle in a car?!”
He probably thought our heating was not working!
Once home we would cross every doorway in our home.
I would put my candle by my bed for a while with the intention of blowing it out before I fell asleep but on this occasion I fell asleep without blowing it out!
The candle had a round piece of thin card half way down to stop it dripping on your hands.
At that age I did not have trouble with sleep, once out I stayed out!
This night I remember I was dreaming.
I don’t remember what the dream was about but I heard a distant scream quite detached from what was happening in the dream.
The scream and whoever was screaming shot up to my face in a second!
The volume and sensation was as real as a bucket of cold water, would separate a dream state to the here and now!
The shock was so strong my body convulsed I opened my eyes expecting to see someone in my face but instead I saw my blanket on fire!
I threw the blanket down and stamped it out.
It was around 3.30am.
The candle burnt down to the card which lit up and fell onto some crochet on the bedside drawer and lit the blanket next to it.
I could not sleep the rest of the night because of the realization that there was a spirit intervention!
Had I not woken up I most probably would have been burnt to death!
I believe that my life was saved by someone from the spirit realm and as a result the words ghost or spirit do not hold automatic negative connotations!

CHRIS IERONIMOU says: “I am in my 50s. I live in East London and love all things paranormal! Strange events have happened to me and I want to understand it.”


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