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Oswestry market town’s murderous dark past

The gory murder and possible crucifixation of a defeated king is behind the name of Oswestry, a Shropshire village and well, says PHILIP DAVIES
Step back in time by visiting the Madeley Court Hotel...

Madeley Court Hotel: A Haunted Step Back in Time

Dark spirits and ghosts from its ecclesiastical past haunt the Mercure Madeley Court Hotel in Telford, Shropshire, says RICK HALE

Meet Humphrey Kynaston, Shropshire’s most infamous highwayman

PHILIP DAVIES says little know outlaw Humphrey Kynaston would give Dick Turpin a run for his money!

The Legend of Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle

PHILIP DAVIES tells of us the mystery surrounding Mitchell's Fold Circle in Shropshire...
Madam Piggott

The Tragedy of Madam Piggott's Restless Spirit

PHILIP DAVIES goes in search of the restless ghost of the unfortunate Madam Piggott in Shropshire

RAF Cosford and The Haunted Aeroplane

PHILIP DAVIES dons his flying gear to take a closer look at haunted RAF Cosford near Telford in Shropshire
Mad Jack Mytton

Mad Jack Mytton – A riches to rags story

Mad Jack Mytton is a name that seems to crop up in many places in and around Shrewsbury. PHILIP DAVIES looks into the man behind the myth.
The Wrekin Giant

The Wrekin Giant, the monster who hated the people of Shrewsbury

The Wrekin Giant's grudge lead to him to create hills in Shropshire, says PHILIP DAVIES

Freezing heartbreak brings haunting child to snow-covered Shropshire road

1963's big freeze brought tragedy and haunting to the life of a Shropshire television repairman, says ANDREW HOMER 

A Christmas Carol 1984: Being a Ghost Story of Shrewsbury

PHILIP DAVIES reveals a chilling real-life ghost story linked to George C Scott, A Christmas Carol and Shrewsbury

Does cursed painting at Nags Head Pub cause horror and insanity?

PHILIP DAVIES investigates alleged cursed painting on top floor of Shrewsbury's Nags Head Pub...

Serial killer ghost haunts Shrewsbury Castle

PHILIP DAVIES says the ghost of Bloody Jack, Shrewsbury’s only reported serial killer, haunts Shrewsbury Castle

Witness describes Bridgnorth's Phantom Hitchhiker encounter

ANDREW HOMER talks to a coach driver who witnessed a phantom hitchhiker on the A454 Bridgnorth Road in Shropshire

Ludlow: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

ANDREW HOMER reveals five haunted places to visit in Ludlow, Shropshire

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