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Magic (1978) Blu-ray REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES reviews the new blu-ray release of Magic (1978) with Anthony Hopkins

Meet Margaret, Bristol’s Haunted Doll

KATE CHERRELL talks to "Gremlin", a Bristol man about his haunted doll named Margaret

Britain’s Top 5 Scariest Haunted Dolls (that make Annabelle look soft)

Haunted dolls? It's child’s play, according to guest writer KATE CHERRELL, as she picks some of the UK's most possessed dolls!

Watch Cyril the Haunted Doll and my creepy doll collection VIDEO

Scottish author GREGOR STEWART reveals why he has began collecting haunted dolls and other possessed artefacts that will give you the creeps!

Ghostly Emily and her haunted doll

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS attends a séance in Somerset and discovers things that go bump in the night are creepy...

Dorothy, the Deadly Bannister Doll of Preston

BECKY KEANE recounts the chilling tale of Dorothy the Deadly Bannister Doll of Preston

Pediophobia: Haunted dolls and why we hate them

What is Pediophobia?
Pediophobia is the fear of dolls. Guest writer MATTI BEAL, from South Wales, tells us why more people hate dolls than we realise


Byzantium 2012 REVIEW

Byzantium 2012 scene
Byzantium 2012 sees Neil Jordan make a return to horror. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES is pleased to hear it...

Dunster Castle: Where Terrifying Phantoms Roam

Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle in Somerset is one of England's oldest and most haunted buildings

Croydon: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Croydon Minster
Croydon in South London is an area steeped in history and paranormal activity. MONA HERB BOUGHTON tells us five of its most haunted places.

5 Haunted Hotels to Visit in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is full of haunted hotels, says guest writer WES McDERMOTT

5 Black Sabbath Songs to Chill the Blood

Birmingham's Black Sabbath created horror heavy metal. Guest writer ANDREW GARVEY highlights five of their greatest (and spookiest) songs