Tag: Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery is a historic cemetery in North London, notable for its Victorian architecture and historic figures interred there. It gained notoriety in the 1970s with a reported vampire sighting, leading to widespread media coverage and the concept of a “Highgate Vampire”.


Richard Cloudesley, the Islington Ghost Who Caused An Earthquake

Richard Cloudesley Stained Glass
Was Richard Cloudesley's Ghost responsible for chaos and mayhem in the North London suburb of Islington, asks RICK HALE

The Brag, Don’t Ride Shape-shifting Devil Horse!

The Brag
JON KANEKO-JAMES tells us about The Brag, shape-shifting devil horses from the north of England

Ghosts Christmas Special 2021 REVIEW

Ghosts Christmas Special 2021
Ghosts Christmas Special 2021 is a spooky highlight of the festive season, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

The Pied Bull: Guide to Chester’s Spookiest Pub

The Pied Bull in Cheshire
Chester's Pied Bull pub echos with ghostly phenomena from times long past, says RICK HALE

Haunted Jersey’s top 5 most terrifying ghost legends

Gorey Castle
Haunted Jersey is a spooky place full of dark ghostly mysteries sure to entertain even the most jaded tourist, says RICK HALE
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