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Blood Of The Vampire (1958) REVIEW

First off the blocks to emulate Hammer's horror success? RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES revisits the gruesomely Technicolor effort, Blood Of The Vampire (1958).

The Hellfire Club 1961 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at The Hellfire Club - does the subject promise more than the film delivers?

Paranoiac (1963) MINI REVIEW

Paranoiac (1963) is a psychological thriller with touches of Gothic Psycho mad fun.

Horror of Frankenstein 1970 REVIEW

Horror of Frankenstein saw Ralph Bates take the role of the Baron in 1970. ANDREW GARVEY reviews the controversial Hammer...

Fear in the Night (1972) REVIEW

DONNA CUTTRESS reviews the Hammer classic Fear in the Night (1972)

The Nanny 1965 REVIEW: Hammer’s last black and white film sees Bette Davis shine

DONNA CUTTRESS reviews Hammer's last black and white film, The Nanny 1965 starring Bette Davis
Lust for a vampire 1971, Lust for the vampire 1971

Lust for a Vampire 1971 REVIEW

STEPHEN MOSLEY reviews the second in the Hammer Karnstein Vampire Trilogy - Lust for a Vampire!

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