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Croydon: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Croydon Minster
Croydon in South London is an area steeped in history and paranormal activity. MONA HERB BOUGHTON tells us five of its most haunted places.

Ghosts of Royal Arsenal, Woolwich

Royal Arsenal, Woolich has a long dark history of war and violence, leading to many paranormal experiences in the South London area, RICK HALE reports...

Haunted Camberwell, a journey into South London

Haunted Camberwell
Haunted Camberwell is Eddie Brazil's latest paranormal book exploring local ghosts and hauntings, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

Lewisham train cries haunt spooky South London bridge

EDDIE BRAZIL says the ghostly cries of train crash victims in haunted Lewisham in London could be explained by Stone Tape Theory…

The Ghosts of Nunhead Cemetery, South London

Ghost children, vanishing spectres and phantom bank managers haunt South London’s Nunhead Cemetery, says EDDIE BRAZIL

Haunted Camberwell’s Top 5 Creepiest Ghost Stories

St Giles Church in Camberwell.
EDDIE BRAZIL looks in to the ghosts of Camberwell in South London and finds spooks of a most tragic kind...

Thomas A Becket, South London’s scariest haunted pub

Thomas A Becket Pub in London
The Thomas A Becket Pub on the Old Kent Road is so haunted, it scares even the most brutal hardmen of South London, says EDDIE BRAZIL

Market Porter, London’s oldest and most haunted pub

Haunted Southwark Pub, Market Porter
A Southwark, London pub that was used in a Harry Potter movie may be haunted by the ghost of a tragic death, says RICK HALE

Murdered Camberwell Dwarf Sex Attacker Ghost Haunts London Suburb

Camberwell Dwarf haunts
EDDIE BRAZIL reports the creepy story of a murdered child sex fiend, known as The Camberwell Dwarf, who still haunts the London suburb to this day...

Thornton Heath, London 1970s haunting terror, still puzzling to this day

RICK HALE explores a 1970s Thornton Heath haunting that had all the hallmarks of a poltergeist, but it wasn't... it was something worse!

Stockwell ghosts haunted my London childhood home

Stockwell ghosts
EDDIE BRAZIL tells us how Stockwell ghosts were his first brush with the paranormal....

Solitary Ghosts: Real life stories of uncanny encounters

Solitary Ghost
EDDIE BRAZIL asked whether it possible to experience a solitary ghost

Was Camberwell bus stop haunting a Christmas Angel?

EDDIE BRAZIL tells spooky tale of a man who encounters ghostly woman at a Camberwell bus stop on Christmas Eve 1963

Phantom ‘Smiling’ Highwayman shocks Camberwell residents

EDDIE BRAZIL reports of an eerie 1999 paranormal case of a smiling phantom highwayman in Camberwell, London

Norwood Poltergeist terror raises many questions

EDDIE BRAZIL looks back on a frightening 1950s poltergeist case from Norwood in South London...

Haunted South London Train Stations

haunted south london trains
HAUNTED South London train stations are all too common, says EDDIE BRAZIL

Doing the Haunted Lambeth Ghost Walk

JAMES CLARK, the author of Haunted Lambeth, takes a look at three ghostly tales from the London Borough


Charles Dickens’ ghost haunts Birmingham each Christmas

Charles Dickens Ghost
The ghost of Charles Dickens returns to Birmingham Town Hall each year to give a spectral reading of his Christmas classic, says ANDREW HOMER

10 Brutal Murders That Shocked London

TREVOR BOND looks backs at the most gruesome killings ever in London, and how the public reacted!

Paperhouse 1988 REVIEW

Bernard Rose's debut film Paperhouse 1988 is an extraordinary fantasy horror, says guest writer BARNABY MARRIOTT

Forty Hall, Enfield’s most haunted mansion

Forty Hall in Enfield, North London
JAY HOLLIS describes the haunting of Forty Hall in Enfield, North London - a place he grew up near and which still sends shivers up his spine!

Varney the Vampire: The world’s first vampiric hero

Varney the Vampire
Varney the Vampire was the original king of the undead who inspired all who came after him, says DR KAJA FRANCK