Market Porter, London’s Oldest And Most Haunted Pub


A Southwark, London, pub that was used in a Harry Potter movie may be haunted by the ghost of a tragic death, says RICK HALE

The Market Porter
9 Stony Street, London, SE1 9AA

Borough Market in Southwark, London, is considered to be the oldest, continually operating food and retail market in the city.

People from all over the surrounding area have been coming to the market to purchase specialty foods at low prices since the 12th century.

If you need a pub to relax in after a day of being elbow to elbow with fellow bargain hunters, you may want to stop in to the Market Porter on Stony Street.

A pub that has a history of playing host to supernatural beings, both fictional and real.

Market Porter, London’s Oldest And Most Haunted Pub 1

History Of The Market Porter

Upon approaching the eye pleasing pub with it’s hanging flower baskets and bright green paint, some might think the building looks familiar.

Especially if you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series of movies.

The charming pub was transformed in to The Third Hand Book Emporium, in Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. That alone would be a draw to many people.

Long before Harry Potter, the pub was known as The Harrow and was built in 1638.

In 1890, the name was abruptly changed to The Market Porter, for reasons that were not quite clear.

Although, some believe the name change was necessitated by a grisly death that may be the reason why the pub is haunted.

A Gruesome Death

On the afternoon of February 15, 1890, Edward Lamb, a local man allegedly killed Alfred Howe a market porter with his umbrella.

According to eyewitnesses Howe, a well known drunkard, became enraged at Lamb for some reason.

After several seconds of shouting at Lamb, Howe went to strike Lamb.

Lamb raised his umbrella in self defense and drove it through Howe’s eye killing him instantly.

Sounds like a horrific accident, Right? Well according to some who witnessed the exchange, not exactly.

When witnesses were questioned several onlookers stated that Lamb, wielded his umbrella like a bayonet.

And when Howe fell dead, Lamb was overheard saying, “Dirty dogs like you ought to have been dead years ago.”

Damning testimony to say the least. If Lamb was found guilty he would more than likely swing by the neck until dead.

Fortunately for Lamb, the testimony of a local carpenter saved him from the gallows. He was acquitted and set free.

The Haunting Of The Market Porter

Ever since the tragic death of Alfred Howe, whether by accident or vicious retribution, the Market Porter has experienced unexplained supernatural activity.

Glasses and bottles have been seen flying off tables as if they were guided by unseen hands.

Footsteps, as well as a man’s voice have been heard during business hours and by employees when they’re alone.

The obvious culprit behind the strange goings-on in the Market Porter, of course, would be Alfie Howe.

After all, the man met an untimely demise right on the doorstep of the pub all those years ago.

But, people have reported a strange sight as they pass by the bar after closing.

People have caught a glimpse of several spectral figures sitting at the bar drinking and laughing.

The bizarre vision only lasts a few seconds, but locals attest to the seeing these late night phantom patrons.

It’s not clear who these ghosts are, but they could be behind the activity.

Market Porter, a great place to eat and drink

The Market Porter in Southwark is the ideal pub to kick back and relax while hunting for bargains at historic Borough Market.

The pub is famous for its award winning ales readily available on tap.

As well as it’s menu containing a wide variety of traditional English pub food.

The inviting atmosphere compliments the paranormal activity believed to occur at The Market Porter.


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