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Harry Potter is a fictional boy wizard, the central character of popular children’s novels, written by J.K. Rowling, which have since been turned into films and spin-offs.


Portsmouth’s 5 Haunted Places to Visit

MATT WINGETT - author of Mysteries of Portsmouth - reveals the ghosts and hauntings of Pompey...

Frightening Presence Lurks in Woolwich Barracks Billiard Room

The Woolwich Barracks Billiard Room in London is haunted and has spooked many who have entered, says ROBIN WHEELER

The Lodger 1927 REVIEW

The Lodger 1927
A Jack the Ripper-styled killer is on the loose in London, as RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger (1927)

Alan Frank, the man who taught us about horror films

Alan Frank
The Spooky Isles sits down with legendary British Horror Film reviewer and author Alan Frank to discuss his career and the genre he loves so much

Top 10 Dark Ireland Folk Songs Based on Hauntings and Death

Here’s our top 10 favourite Irish folklore and dark history inspired songs, according to ANN MASSEY!
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