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Doctors in Horror Films – they’re four kinds of crazy!

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES talks about Doctors in Horror Films...

Remembering Channel 4’s Monster Horrors Season (1986)

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES commemorates a great horror season from his youth - 30 years ago this week!
Evening with Boris Karloff and Friends

An Evening with Boris Karloff and His Friends (1967) AUDIO

Just in time for Halloween, RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES introduces "An Evening with Boris Karloff and His Friends"

Top 10 Creepiest Kids in British Horror

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES commemorates Creepy Kids Week with some of Britain's best examples
British Censorship

Censored Again! Classic Brit Horror Hits Video

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES concludes his series on film classification in a 1980s video store

Top 10 She Monsters in British Horror

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at some memorable female creatures and villains in British horror

Censored! The tale of Britain’s X Certificate

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES continues his history of horror film classification in the UK
Bride of Frankenstein 1935

H For Horrific! The Forgotten Horror Film H Certificate

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at the forgotten film certificate for horror movies.

British Werewolves on Film, A Beginner’s Guide

RICHARD PHILIPS-JONES would like to introduce you to the most frightening of beasts on film - British Werewolves!
Plaza Newent cinema poster circa 1970

Trip to the local Horror Cinema, Circa 1970

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes a trip to the local cinema, circa 1970, chock full of horror classics!
I am Legend

I Am Legend – Hammer Style

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at one Hammer project that never saw the light of day
A Game of Chance and Grain Drain

Farmhouse of Horror: Terrifying 70s kids to play safe

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes us down to the farm for a little movie show... Public Information Films of Horror!

The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at a not-so-obvious icon of Brit-horror, the 1970s Public Information Film
Maria Marten and the Mystery of the Red Barn 1913

5 Missing British Horror Films

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES laments the lost of some classic British horror films
The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue soundtrack

A Cultural Exchange, Euro-Horror Visits Britain

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES reveals how British horror films like Hammer and Amicus influenced European fright flicks
VHS Horror

Friday Night Frights, Horror on 1980s TV

New horror film column, The Brit Crypt, with RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES stars today

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