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The West Midlands is county in central England, which includes seven metropolitan boroughs: Birmingham (England’s second largest city), Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.


Forest Graveyard, Bodies and Twisted Faces

DOM COOPER tells us about a Forest song about a visit to a graveyard

Dark Legends Of Betty’s Grave, Gloucestershire

Betty's Grave
Betty's Grave is a crossroads in the Gloucestershire countryside with an ominous history and a vengeful ghost, writes RICK HALE

Shadows (S1, E6) Dutch Schlitz’s Shoes REVIEW

Russell Hunter (as Mr. Stabs) and Kenneth Caswell (as Luko) in Sahdows: Dutch Schlitz's Shoes (1975)
An evil magician gets an unwelcome surprise when he steals a dead gangster’s footwear. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES on...

Haunted Kirkcaldy book reveals bizarre ‘Testimony of the Dead’

GREGOR STEWART reveals how the dead would talk in ancient Scottish court cases in his book, Haunted Kirkcaldy

Audrey Rose 1977 REVIEW

Audrey Rose 1977, starring Anthony Hopkins,  is a hard film to categorise, says guest writer ANDY WALKER
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