Tag: Witch Trials

There have been many witch trials in British and Irish history, including the most infamous, the Pendle Witch Trials in Lancashire in 1612.


Corruption 1968 REVIEW

Corruption 1968 Poster
Corruption 1968 is one of Peter Cushing's less distinguished outings, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

Glastonbury: Haunted Places to Visit

Ghosts of Glastonbury
Guest writer MJ Wayland explores mysterious Glastonbury in Somerset...

Bouley Bay, Jersey: A Guide to Hauntings and Terror

Bouley Bay in Jersey contains horrific ghostly secrets known only to those locals aware of its vicious folklore, says RICK HALE

20 things you never knew about The Curse Of Frankenstein (1957)

Italian poster for Hammer's 1957 Curse of Frankenstein
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES heads to the lab to cook up 20 facts about The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

5 Mysterious Devon Folklore Tales

Devil's Footprints - Devon Folklore
CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of five of the most fascinating Devon Folklore Tales
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