The Cutting Room 2015 REVIEW


SIMON BALL reviews the better-than-average found footage horror The Cutting Room 2015

The Cutting Room 2015

Title: The Cutting Room
Year of Release: 2015
Director: Warren Dudley
Cast: Parry Glasspool, Lucy Jane Quinlan, Lydia Orange, TJ Herbert

Media studies students Raz (Parry Glasspool), Charlie (Lucy Jane Quinlan) and Jess (Lydia Orange) are about to start work on their end of term project and decide to make a documentary about cyberbullying.

Tutor Mark Kallis (TJ Herbert) suggests that they should look into the case of local students who have gone missing.
Interviewing relatives and friends of the missing girls they sem to be getting nowhere until the mother of one of them mentions that her daughter used to go a deserted army base to do drugs.

Naturally, our intrepid teen reporters decide to follow up this lead so they head off into the wood to find the underground lair. Here deep within the dark labyrinth of tunnels they cease to be investigative reporters and become the prey of a mysterious masked figure.

Yeah, The Cutting Room is a found footage movie, and yes, I know the format is getting tired, but it just happens to be a very good found footage flick simply because the plot is so plausible..

An evil human monster lurking in the depths of an old fort is far more scary than any zombie or vampire, and the producers really hit gold when they got permission to film in Newhaven fort with its maze of painted brick tunnels illuminated solely by the light of a torch.

Nicely acted by the three young leads the cutting Room takes a while to get going, but once you are down in those never ending tunnels with them it delivers chills by the bucket load. as it races to its gruesome conclusion.

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