The Manor House Hotel, Most Haunted (S4, E4) REVIEW

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The Manor House Hotel investigation proved too much for the Most Haunted team, with some refusing to sleep in the spooky inn, writes JOANNA HAGUE

The Manor House Hotel investigation proved too much for the Most Haunted team, with some refusing to sleep in the spooky inn, writes JOANNA HAGUE

Episode Title: The Manor House Hotel
Location: Ferryhill, County Durham
Series: 4 Episode Number: 6
Originally broadcast: 27 April 2004

The Manor House Hotel, Most Haunted Review

Yvette opens the episode with ghosts, poltergeist activity and a cry for help from the owners, they have come to investigate The Manor House Hotel in County Durham. There has been a building on this sight since 1500s, it has been a manor house, an orphanage and now it’s a hotel. There has been dark figures, cries of children and object with a life of their own. Richard Felix comments that due to the age and history of the building it all leads to a haunting. 

The spirit of a tall woman has been seen on the stairs searching for her lost child, the owner recalls a story that she spoke to the apparition believing it to be one of the cleaning staff and when she got no response from the woman, she vanished in to the air. Skeletons of children have also been found in the grounds at the back of the property. 

Room 7 there is the apparition of a large man seen standing in the corner, lamps have been thrown across the room. In room 8 dark shadows cross the room, a young boy was woken with hands around his neck, he was then thrown across the room. When reaching his parents, he was inconsolable and there were visible marks on his throat. Room 6 has children wanting to play and the sound of crying at night. 

Phil Wyman conducts his baseline tests, he also sets up trigger objects in some of the other rooms. Drafty windows have been checked, the boy who was attacked in room 8 draws some pictures of the children that are in the building who want to play with him. Locked off cameras in some of the other rooms are set up and a childs toy in room 6 is set as a trigger object. 

Derek Acorah joins them on the walk around, where they begin on the stairs. He expresses that he can feel the energy of people being scared and fearing for their lives, there is a dark energy that shows no mercy. Derek states that there has been several hangings in the building but there are no records to verify this. 

Moving on to bedroom 7 Derek picks up on an energy that regularly visits this area, coming in when people are asleep. This would be something that wakes them up when they sense this, he also picks up on things been moved in the bedroom, the energy is trying to do harm to those inside. 

What’s in Bedroom 8 of The Manor House Hotel?

In bedroom 8 of The Manor House Hotel, Derek looks destressed as he walks in the room, saying that there is something frightening in the room. He discussed the fact there is a vortex in this room where spirits come through. Yvette then comments that Derek is crying and he says that this is a fear from a child of a nasty man. 

Guest psychic Ian Lawman visits the cellar on his own, he begins picking up on strange noises and states that he is becoming short of breath. Some of the energies that are being picked up on are that there is a man shouting, horse hooves outside and becomes emotional. He begins to feel very uneasy becoming scared as he picks up on lots of children crying. 

Derek is the next to visit the cellar, he immediately picks up on sadness and unease in the area. As Derek is talking to Yvette, one of the cameramen makes everyone jump as he has just felt someone touch the back of his head. Derek picks up on the skeletons of children that are buried in the grounds. The next to panic is Yvette, she screams as she hears something make a sound in her ear, I do love it when she imitates the noises that she has heard. She is very upset when she comes out of the basement, what ever made the sound has shaken her. 

Back in room 6, Richard Felix is watching the locked off cameras and he sees some lights in the room, he contacts the crew to go to the room. As Derek is talking about the energy that he can feel in the room, there is a loud bang outside. As they go outside, Derek states that is it an angry/nasty energy and Derek challenges him. As this is happening back in the room the cameramen see Phils clipboard thrown on the floor. 

When in room 8, the crew begin to challenge the spirit, Yvette calls out asking for something to happen, as she is doing this she calls the spirit a coward. This unleashes something as Derek becomes possessed. He begins talking about confrontation in a different tone of voice and then hurls a lamp at the crew members. He then collapses on the bed and the rest of the crew try to bring him back round. 

Stuart ventures down to the cellar on his own and plans a séance, he begins calling out and he becomes nervous in the space. He says he feels like someone is there with him, sharp pains then begin in his ear and his head. What he doesn’t realise is around the same time Yvette is suffering with her ear and her head too. 

The last vigil of the night for the The Manor House Hotel is in room 8 with Karl, Stuart and Rick, they begin to conduct a séance. As Rick calls out he sees some lights flash in the top corner of the room, unfortunately this is not caught on camera.

Stuart sees lights flashing as Karl is provoking the spirits, this is when they all jump out of their skins, as there is a knocking noise followed by the tv turning on by itself. This is too much for Stuart and Rick, and they say that they will not sleep in that room tonight, they end up sleeping in the van outside.

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