Black Sabbath (1963)

Black Sabbath (1963)
Stephen Jacobs

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DIRECTOR:  Mario Bava

CAST:  Boris Karloff, Michèle Mercier and Lidia Alfonsi

MINI-REVIEW BY STEPHEN JACOBS: “This is a great anthology film by celebrated Italian director Mario (Black Sunday) Bava. The picture features three stories: A Drop of Water – about a woman who steals a ring from a corpses finger, The Telephone – about a call-girl who is menaced by strange phone calls, and The Wurdalak – a tale set in 19th Century Russia and featuring Karloff in his only vampiric role.  When the film was released in the U.S. by American International Pictures, the picture’s segments were reordered and re-edited. Hopefully, any future Blu Ray release of this picture will contain both versions.”


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Stephen Jacobs

Award-winning London-based horror film historian STEPHEN JACOBS is the author of Karloff: More than a Monster.

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