TITLE:  Targets
DIRECTOR:  Peter Bogdanovich
CAST:  Boris Karloff, Tim Kelly and Arthur Peterson

MINI-REVIEW FROM STEPHEN JACOBS: “After Roger Corman claimed Karloff owed him two days work, Peter Bogdanovich was tasked with creating a new film to use the actor. Karloff starred as Byron Orlok, an ageing horror star who, disillusioned with the times, has decided to retire from the screen. Meanwhile, a disturbed Vietnam veteran, Bobby Thompson [Tim O’Kelly], embarks on a shooting spree, beginning with his wife and mother, and ending at a drive-in theatre where Orlok is making his farewell appearance. Karloff is great playing, essentially, himself. His recitation of ‘Appointment in Samara’ (which caused the film crew to spontaneously applause) is a highlight.”

Boris Karloff in a scene from Targets 1968
Boris Karloff in a scene from Targets 1968


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