REVIEW: The Mummy (1959)


TITLE: The Mummy
STUDIO: Hammer Films
DIRECTOR: Terence Fisher

CAST: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Furneaux, Eddie Byrne, George Pastell

PLOT: In the 1890s, English archeologists, recently returned from a dig in Egypt, read out an ancient scroll, accidentally reviving an mummified High Priest, who returns to life and brings them death and misery on the English countryside

MORAL OF THE STORY: Probably not best to read ancient Egyptian scrolls out loud, just in case!

FUN FACT: The film includes an iconic scene with the Mummy rising from a swamp. The Mummy was only placed in the swamp in the first place because the film-makers thought it would look cool – which indeed it did!

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. This review pains me.In my opinion 'The Mummy' is one of the strongest of the early Hammers. It's exciting, dramatic and classy as hell. Also it wasn't based on the Karloff 'Mummy' at all but on the cheesy b-movie follow-ups of the 40s, eg The Mummy's Tomb, with Lon Chaney Jr as Khrasis the Bandaged One. I do agree that Cushing and Lee are at their best, though – Lee in particular gives an astonishing performance considering his obvious limitations.

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