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5 Haunted Places to visit in Peckham

Eddie Brazil22nd August 2015
Dark History

England’s 10 Most Notable Graves

Nia Jones27th April 2015
Beneath Thy Feet

Beneath Thy Feet, a great blog

Staff Writer31st March 2015
Fornham All Saints
Dark History

Don’t disturb our ancient dead at Fornham Henge

Staff Writer26th March 2015
A mortsafe (the 'coffin') and watchhouse (wee building in front of the church) in Cadder Cemetery, Bishopbriggs, just outside Glasgow
Dark History

Suzie Lennox reveals Britain’s Forgotten Bodysnatchers

MJ Steel Collins5th March 2015
Entry to Greyfriars Churchyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard, a Spooky Place to Visit

MJ Steel Collins20th January 2015

The Demon Bride of County Monaghan

Ann O'Regan6th September 2014
The haunted tomb of Sir George Mackenzie at Greyfriars Cemetery in Haunted Edinburgh
Dark History

Greyfriars Kirkyard, the Ultimate City of the Dead

MJ Steel Collins15th July 2014
Ghosts and Gravestones of Haworth

Ghosts and Gravestones of Haworth by Philip Lister REVIEW

Guest Writer30th March 2014
Southern Necropolis cemetery in Glasgow
Dark History

The Gorbals Vampire and the Southern Necropolis

MJ Steel Collins25th March 2014
Dark History

Rainy day tour in Brompton Cemetery

Staff Writer10th February 2013
Dark History

What Do Grave Flowers Tell Us?

Staff Writer5th January 2013
Necropolis Station at Waterloo
Dark History

A Railway for the Dead

Staff Writer21st December 2012
Grave Concerns
Dark History

What do hands mean in cemeteries?

Staff Writer6th October 2012
St Mary's Church-in Clophill

The Desecration of Clophill Church

Staff Writer3rd October 2012
Grave Robbing
Dark History

Protecting against Grave Robbers

Staff Writer23rd September 2012
Grave Concerns
Dark History

The Mysterious Coffin of Thatcham

Staff Writer15th September 2012
Catherine Eddow's Burial
Dark History

Ripper Victims: Their Final Resting Places

Staff Writer6th September 2012
Safety Coffin
Dark History

Taphephobia, The Fear of Being Buried Alive!

Staff Writer1st September 2012
Grave Concerns
Dark History

5 Interesting Deaths Found on Berkshire Gravestones

Staff Writer25th August 2012
Grave Concerns
Dark History

Angels Watch Over Us In Death

Staff Writer18th August 2012

Forest’s Graveyard, Bodies & Twisted Faces

Dom Cooper12th August 2012
Angel sleeping on top of a grave in the western section of Highgate Cemetery
Dark History

The Haunting Beauty of Highgate

Staff Writer16th July 2012
McKenzie Pyramid
Dark History

The Great Pyramid of Liverpool

Guest Writer5th June 2012
The Saunderson Family Grave in Drumcree Cemetery
Dark History

The Overcrowded Afterlife

David Saunderson3rd May 2012