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  • Dark History
    Who was St Patrick?

    In this St Patrick's Day Special, Jacob Milnestein looks at the mystery surrounding Ireland's Patron Saint

  • Dark History
    The Welsh Corpse Candles of St David

    In this St David's Day Special, Jacob Milnestein looks at how the Welsh patron saint announces death with a dimming ball of light

  • Dark History
    Who was St Valentine?

    In this St Valentine's Day Special, Jacob Milnestein reveals the mystery behind the patron saint of love, whose remains are in Ireland

  • Books
    The Hampstead Horror: Hunting Dracula in NW3

    JACOB MILNESTEIN puts on his walking shoes and investigates the real-life North London locations that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula

  • Dark History
    The Saint Who Banned Greyhounds

    JACOB MILNESTEIN discovers a British saint who wasn't beheaded - strange but true!

  • Dark History
    St Mechell Raises Giant from the Dead!

    Far from being a giant of a man, yet to this day St Mechell is recorded as the most determined missionary to the dead! JACOB MILNESTEIN reports

  • Dark History
    St Winefride, another bloody beheaded saint!

    This week we journey back to the land of the headless saints with JACOB MILNESTEIN

  • Dark History
    The Wolf Who Protected St Edmund’s Head!

    A missing head and the cousin of man’s best friend! JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us the curious case of St Edmund’s bestial benefactor

  • Dark History
    St Willibrord the Rambo Monk – they couldn’t stop him!

    JACOB MILNESTEIN reports on St Willibrord, an invincible monk who married evangelism with vandalism!

  • Dark History
    St Rumwold, England’s Baby Saint

    JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us about St Rumwold - the baby saint who only lived for three days.

  • Dark History
    St Armel – a saint of Arthurian greatness

    JACOB MILNESTEIN tells the story of Britain's lesser known dragon-killing saint

  • Dark History
    St Endelienta brought cows back to life!

    JACOB MILNESTEIN writes that St Endelienta was an early Welsh/Cornish Saint with a good heart and the gift of resurrecting dead lords and cattle.

  • Dark History
    St Wilgefortis crucified because SHE grew a beard!

    JACOB MILNESTEIN explores the sad fate of St Wilgefortis, the woman who grew a beard and was crucified for it

  • Dark History
    Saint Alban’s eye-popping execution

    JACOBS MILNESTEIN looks at the execution of Britian's first Christian martyr, Saint Alban, which was literally an eye-popping event!

  • Dark History
    Thieves cut off St Nectan’s head, but he kept on going!

    JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us how the 5th Century Devon Saint Nectan of Hartland had his head cut off by thieves but he stuck it right back on!

  • Dark History
    St Dunstan and his Devil-Beating Tongs

    Today we start a new series - Spooky Saints. JACOB MILNESTEIN looks at the tale of St Dunstan and his powerful tongs!

  • Dark History
    The Scotsman Who Discovered The Devil

    18th Century Scottish explorer James Bruce set out to find an ancient text to strengthen his faith. Guest writer JACOB MILLSTEIN says what he actually found was The Devil himself!

  • Paranormal
    “Above Ground” Ghost of Golders Green

    Did crafty tenants taking advantage of a poorly-worded legal document lead to a ghost being trapped in Golders Green? Guest writer JACOB MILNESTEIN reports.