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A statue of St Patrick at Croagh Patrick in County Mayo
Dark History

Who was St Patrick?

Staff Writer17th March 2013
Dark History

The Welsh Corpse Candles of St David

Staff Writer1st March 2013
Dark History

Who was St Valentine?

Staff Writer14th February 2013
Spaniards Inn

The Hampstead Horror: Hunting Dracula in NW3

Staff Writer31st October 2012
St Elians Church
Dark History

The Saint Who Banned Greyhounds

Staff Writer16th October 2012
Running Hare
Dark History

St Mechell Raises Giant from the Dead!

Staff Writer20th September 2012
St Winefride
Dark History

St Winefride, another bloody beheaded saint!

Staff Writer6th September 2012
Wolf Finding St Edmund's Head
Dark History

The Wolf Who Protected St Edmund’s Head!

Staff Writer16th August 2012
St Willibrord
Dark History

St Willibrord the Rambo Monk – they couldn’t stop him!

Staff Writer9th August 2012
St Rumwold
Dark History

St Rumwold, England’s Baby Saint

Staff Writer2nd August 2012
St Armel
Dark History

St Armel – a saint of Arthurian greatness

Staff Writer26th July 2012
St Endelienta brought cows back to life!
Dark History

St Endelienta brought cows back to life!

Staff Writer12th July 2012
St Wilgefortis
Dark History

St Wilgefortis crucified because SHE grew a beard!

Staff Writer28th June 2012
St Alban's Execution
Dark History

Saint Alban’s eye-popping execution

Staff Writer21st June 2012
St Nectan of Hartland
Dark History

Thieves cut off St Nectan’s head, but he kept on going!

Staff Writer14th June 2012
St Dunstan and the Devil
Dark History

St Dunstan and his Devil-Beating Tongs

Staff Writer7th June 2012
James Bruce and The Devil
Dark History

The Scotsman Who Discovered The Devil

Staff Writer15th May 2012
Golders Green

“Above Ground” Ghost of Golders Green

Staff Writer16th April 2012