Mysterious Bidston Hill, Beautiful But Sinister


Birkenhead’s Bidston Hill has had everything from murders, satanists, a werewolf and UFOs haunt its beautiful surrounds, says guest writer LAUREN JONES

Bidston Hill

Predominantly belonging to the Birkenhead suburb of Bidston, Bidston Hill is one of the highest points in Wirral and arguably the most haunted.

Upon the hill there lie three buildings; the Windmill, Observatory and Lighthouse, all boding sincere tales from the past.

Building its reputation around grizzly murders, covens and UFOs, the site, 234 feet above sea level, has boasting numerous sightings of the unknown over the years, with the most recent recorded sighting last year.

Werewolf of Bidston Hill

Local legend says a werewolf prowls the hill.

Born the son of Bidston Hill’s first Miller and his lover, a local married woman, when the inevitable occurred, she remained at the Hill, hiding her pregnancy as best as she could.

A healthy boy was born but unfortunately, his mother passed away, leaving her grieving lover with their child.

As time went on, the Miller grew further away from the child who then began to survive off the surrounding land, supposedly becoming ‘animalistic’.

Over the years there have many attempts to eradicate Bidston of its werewolf yet, it remains with its blood-curdling howl still being heard today.

Murders of Bidston Hill

This location has also played a host of gruesome murders, most notably that of the Williams family which was declared one of the worst murders of the 19th century.

Five members of the Williams family, mother Emily Williams and her four children, were discovered buried within the cellar of a building situated near Bidston Hall.

When investigating the grisly discovery, police quickly turned their suspicions onto the missing father who had seemingly survived the ordeal.

Digging further it became clear that the estranged man had lived under a number of different alias’ in his lifetime and was suspected of killing his previous wife, Marie.

At the time journalists had compared Mr Williams to Jack the Ripper, some were convinced he was in fact the notorious serial killer.

Tunnels under Bidston Hill

Darker secrets lie underground, with Bidston Hill sitting on top of a number of tunnels used during WWII, now sealed for public safety.

It is said the tunnels once connected the houses of witches, with the cellar of Bidston Hall acting as their meeting point.

Local folklore states that a couple reportedly found 12 members of the coven hanging from branches within a clearing upon the hill after a young, local Christian man, Sam Holleron vowed to rid the area of witches.

As well as witchcraft, there has been a long history of satanic worship taking place upon the Hill.

Satanist and suspected murderer, Richard Tilly is reportedly buried close to the windmill. And over the years there have been many tales of Tilly’s zombie-like ghost rising from the grave on clear, moonlit night, terrorising women who dare to cross the hill after dark.

Sightings of a black dog have also been noted by groups who have dared antagonising the spirit of Tilly.

Also becoming a hotspot for UFO sightings, Bidston Hill plays host to a number of strange phenomena which anyone can go and sample for themselves. A popular spot for ramblers in the daytime, Bidston Hill boasts absolutely beautiful views but possesses a sinister past.

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LAUREN JONES is a Journalist and Blogger based in Merseyside with a passion for history and all things paranormal.  Follow her on Twitter @laurenmanual_


  1. The tunnels under Bidston Hill are nothing to do with witches or any local houses. They did not even see use in WW2. They were planned as air raid shelters large enough for several thousand and are constructed on a grid pattern. By the time they were finished, the air raids had stopped in this area and they were never opened to the public.

  2. I live near Bidston Hill and can certainly vouch for all these creepy stories, as they have been told over and over again through the years. Absolutely fascinating.


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