Cemeteries and Burial Places

Uncover the legends, lore, and hidden secrets of the eerie and fascinating world of cemeteries, graveyards and burial places in the UK and Ireland. Our articles and stories provide a glimpse into the intriguing history and culture of these unique and hauntingly beautiful locations.

Necropolis Station Waterloo

A Railway for the Dead


Gibbeted: The Last Live Gibbeting in England

ELLIOT DAVIES recounts the torturous tale of the last live gibbeting in England

Giant Ram of Derby’s horrible origins revealed!

Derby Ram
The Giant Ram of Derby - the city's mascot - has fascinating and grotesque origins, says ELLIOT DAVIES

What is a Hand of Glory?

The Hand of Glory in the Whitby Museum - the only one thought to exist.
MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals the sinister mummified hand known as the Hand of Glory...

Peter Underwood: The Greatest Teacher I Never Knew

Peter Underwood
RICK HALE begins his series, Trailing Peter Underwood, looking at the late, great English ghosthunter's most interesting paranormal cases...

Are Paranormal Orbs Real, Or Just A Load Of Balls?

Paranormal Orbs
ANN MASSEY takes a look at the phenomenon of Paranormal Orbs and asks, “are they just a load of balls?” 
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