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Check out our reviews and profiles of British and Irish television, including classic horror, fantasy and paranormal programmes…

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Ep 3: The Education of a...

ANDREW GARVEY looks at the third episode of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell titled the Education of a Magician

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Ep 2: How is Lady Pole?...

ANDREW GARVEY reviews the second episode of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell titled How is Lady Pole?

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Ep1: The Friends of English Magic...

ANDREW GARVEY takes a look at the first episode of the new BBC series, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Dark memories of Tales of the Unexpected

DONNA CUTTRESS looks back on the dark and mysterious television series, Tales of the Unexpected

Moondial, a slow-burning 1980s children’s spookfest

SIMON BALL looks back on Moondial, one of the BBC's spookiest kids shows of the 1980s

Lost Hearts (Ghost Story for Christmas 1973) REVIEW

Lost Hearts A ghost Story for Christmas
MJ STEEL COLLINS looks at the classic telling of the MR James ghost story, Lost Hearts

Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets REVIEW

A new series shows the Plantagenets weren't afraid to use violence or betrayal to get what they wanted

Love sucks for the modern vampire girl

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS takes a looks at the trend in television of killing of female vampires unless they successfully attach themselves to a man

Dennis Wheatley and The Haunted Airman

SIMON BALL looks at the 2006 BBC adaptation of Dennis Wheatley's 1948 The Haunting of Toby Jugg

Alien Invasions, the Cold War and the Nightmare Man

SIMON BALL takes a look at The Nightmare Man, an early 1980s alien/horror television serial from the BBC

Apocalyptic nightmares from TV’s The Changes

SIMON BALL looks back on spooky sci-fi classic, The Changes from 1975

Ripper Street is back! TV Season Premiere in London

Ripper Street Premiere
Ripper Street is coming back and Spooky Isles was at the Premiere!

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