TITLE: The Comedy of Terrors
DIRECTOR: Jacques Tourneur
CAST: Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone and Peter Lorre.

MINI-REVIEW FROM STEPHEN JACOBS: “This is a fun comedy with Price as undertaker Waldo Trumball with Peter Lorre as his put upon assistant Felix Gillie and Rathbone as Mr. Black, a prospective customer who just won’t stay dead. Originally, Karloff was set to play Mr. Black but the physicality of the role was too much for him and Karloff suggested he and Rathbone swap roles. It was a good move for Rathbone – he steals the show. Instead Karloff played Trumball’s aged father-in-law, Amos Hinchley. Although Karloff didn’t have much to do, he gets to deliver the picture’s funny, if macabre, denouement.”


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