Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 2009 REVIEW


TITLE: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
DIRECTOR: David Yates
CAST: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Jim Broadbent, Dave Legeno, Freddie Stroma, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, Frank Dillane, Helen McCrory, Jessie Cave
BOOK BASED ON: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


As with The Order of the Phoenix, The Half Blood Prince is an awful lot of book to be crammed into one film and I think a lot was lost because of this.
A major part of this book is Dumbledore and Harry’s quest to find out what trinkets Voldemort was trying to get his vile little hands was sorely missed as this is pretty vital in understanding the significance of each item, the macabre use of them and what exactly he was planning to do with them.
We already know Voldemort is evil, but that showed just how deep the evil ran.
There were two actors that portrayed the young Tom Riddle were perfectly cast and you could really see the wickedness of Voldemort blossom and grow. Both boys seriously gave me the creeps.
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Film Poster
Harry’s obsession with the Half Blood Prince that has marked up his Potions book was very cool, as were all of the new spells he picked up from the pages. ‘Sectumsempra’ was my favourite and it was such an emotional scene between Harry and Draco.
Once again we have to witness the death of a major character and this one hurts bad. The death is both beautiful and heart-breaking and even though I knew what was coming after having read the book, I still found myself shouting a warning to save their life. It didn’t work.
But despite the heaviness, there was a lot to lighten the mood. Ron in the throes of a very strong love potion is ridiculously cute, as is a slightly inebriated (no fire whiskey, just Felix Felicis) Harry at Aragog’s funeral.
And what about those inferi… how scary are they?


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