Haunted Heathrow’s busy with flying phantoms!

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Some people are scared of flying – they’d be more frighten to know Heathrow Airport has it’s fair share of spooks!

Haunted Heathrow Ghosts

One of the world’s busiest airports is also one of the world’s most haunted by all accounts.

The ghost of Dick Turpin appears in the main terminal, wearing a tri-corn hat, and making his presence known by breathing down people’s necks, or barking and howling.

Staff turn round to see who it is making the noise, and find no one.

Air crash in 1948 kills all on board

In 1948, a plane from Belgian Airlines crashed on its approach to the runway, killing all on board.

Whilst pulling bodies from the wreckage, rescue workers saw the apparition of a man in a bowler hat asking where his briefcase was.

A body resembling the apparition was removed from the wreck afterwards.

The ghost still sometimes puts in an appearance.

During the 1970s, cleaning staff were terrified by an invisible presence that pinned them down and held them by the throat.

One of the VIP lounges is infrequently haunted by a harassed looking man in a grey suit, sometimes seen only from the waist down.

Police in the 1970s were mobilised to remove a man who showed up on the runway.

When they arrived on the scene, they were informed via radio from the control tower, they should see the man, who was still appearing on radar. But the Police saw no one.

A huge modern ‘ghost’ train station lies beneath Terminal 5, having been built in anticipation that one day there would be rail links to the airport.

Have you seen a ghost at Heathrow airport? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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