Cavehill Belfast’s gruesome past leads to sad haunting


WARREN COATES discusses the haunted past of Cavehill, which overlooks Belfast in Northern Ireland

There is quite a famous ghost story about Cavehill Belfast. The ghost of a man was sighted quite regularly at a particular area of our local beauty spot during the early years of the 20th century.

He was always seen around the same area, usually just standing looking at a particular spot amongst the trees, although he was seen to be moving rapidly ABOVE(!) the ground once or twice in the same spot.

Eventually a gruesome discovery was made when human remains were found in that spot. Investigations showed that they were the remains of a man and suicide was officially recorded as the cause of death.

The remains were later identified as being those of a local man who had disappeared a few years before. The remains were given a proper burial and the ghostly figure was no longer seen.


  1. I am in a paranormal group and we travel all over England and Wales. I wish we could afford to get to this location though, it looks fascinating!


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