Downpatrick: 5 Haunted Places to Visit


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Downpatrick is believed to be the final resting place of Saint Patrick, JANET QUINLIVAN takes us on a tour of Haunted Downpatrick in Northern Ireland

Inch Abbey Haunted Downpatrick
Inch Abbey Haunted Downpatrick

Downpatrick Workhouse, Downpatrick

The now demolished building used to be a workhouse that held many many Irish people during the famine. It then closed as a workhouse and was then reopened as a leather factory after the First World War.

Many of the staff and locals at the time reported seeing a little girl in Victorian dress cross from one side of the road to the other just outside. Others reported seeing an old man in a flat cap that walked the factory and exited through the wall. I wonder with the building gone do these figures still roam the area?

Ballydugan Mill, 3 Drumcullan Road, Ballydugan, Downpatrick BT30 8HZ

This particular Mill was built in 1750, although many believe that there may have been a mill on the site as far back as the 1200’s. The Mill closed in 1856 after a terrible fire and remained closed for over 100 years until it was purchased by the current owner. He started renovations on the property and reports several spooky happenings.

He has reported that a hand dryer in one of the bathrooms would go off by itself, even after being replaced, the dryer continued to start itself. He also reports power cuts in particular rooms, where the lights would dim and flicker but only affecting that room alone. All had been checked by a qualified electrician and deemed to be fine.

There have been reports of small objects being moved around with no explanation as to how they were moved. At a public event in the Mill back in 2013 accounts included that of a 3-year-old girl called Emily that died in the mill from TB and another entity of a woman dressed all in black that was spotted by several people in the cellar.

Ardglass Castle, Ardglass, near Haunted Downpatrick

This was originally a row of 15th century warehouses that were converted into a castellated house at the end of the 18th century. By 1911 the premises became the Ardglass golf club. It’s said that in 1927 during some renovation work a young child’s body was found in a cavity wall by the builders. The little child was then buried locally by the town. Many patrons of the golf club have heard strange goings on. They hear footsteps upstairs and the sound of snooker balls moving while no-one is near the snooker table. Ardglass Castle was investigated on Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts TV show.

Inch Abbey, Inch Abbey Road, Downpatrick BT30 9AX, UK

This is the remains of an 1100s Cistercian Abbey on the North bank of the river Quoile. Locally it’s known to be haunted by the Monks that once served in it. Many people report seeing Monks at night drifting over the mist of the river back to the Abbey from Downpatrick.

Plantation Area, Downpatrick

Not so much a ghost story but creepy none the less. It’s well known by locals that this patch of land was seemingly used by Devil worshipers and those involved in the Dark Arts. Reports of strange goings on are featured in local media from the 70’s up until the late 90’s until the reports stopped.

Several people had seen animal entrails scattered in a circle or seen strange symbols covering the earth. Some have even seen the deceased animal tied up close by. This is not the only location with this reputation, several spots throughout the town are reported to have similar goings on.

Have you seen a ghost in Downpatrick? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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